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RICHARD HANNON "He is too great a horse to take any chances with. He's been a real 
flagbearer for racing. Everyone at Herridge is walking around in a bit of a daze, still trying to come to terms that the great CANFORD CLIFFS, who did so much for us over the last four seasons, has been retired to stud through injury.”  

CANFORD CLIFFS came out of the Duel on the Downs at Goodwood (27.07.2011) suffering from a near-fore pastern injury, forcing his retirement to stud on veterinary advice. A massive disappointment for all the Professional Team Hannon Horsemen, and a huge compliment to the way Team Hannon prepare all their racehorses at home. They will one and all be devastated.
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“Goodwood’s star-spangled charity race last Thursday proved a case in point. As a well-promoted fundraiser point for Great Ormond Street children’s hospital it could not be faulted, as an advert for British horseracing, it was a shocker … Apart from issues of regulation and integrity, to which the race paid no heed …”

“Regular breaks beneficial ….The Psychologists includes the results of research by a Dutch university, which suggests the beneficial effects of a family  vacation  wear off within a fortnight, even before the suntan fades, and that people would be better off going on holiday more often …Two weeks on,  one week off anyone?”
“Carlisle get it spot on …. Well done claimer Sophie Doyle for making the effort to head from Lambourn to Carlisle for two rides on Monday evening’s all–girl card at Carlisle, and for striking the sole blow for professionals against amateurs with a canny ride from last place
to first.Well done Jockey Club Catering … And well done the good folk ofCumbria for supporting ladies night-in all senses-in their thousands. Everyone involved turned the event
into a commercial and promotional success for the racecourse ...

“Championship chaos … British racing needs another set of ‘official’ championships like a
 hole in the head yet the Horsemen’s Group has loaded the gun for the start of the 2012 Flat season …..

Veterinary Practitioners are not Professional Horsemen

Professor Tim Morris PhD is not a Professional Horseman
PROFESSOR TIM MORRIS PhD - Director of Equine Science and Welfare for the British Horseracing Authority (BHA) MORRIS is not a professional Horseman by any stretch of the imagination, so how come he is employed by the British Horseracing Authority, and since January 2008 as Director of Equine Science & Welfare ?
We are told that Morris’ specific tasks are as follows:
1. To sort out the 2011 Grand National horrors?
2. To sort out the electrocution death’s of two horses at Newbury horrors?
3. To sort out the excessive use of the whip horrors, in particular the ride  FRANKIE DETTORI gave REWILDING to just pip SO YOU THINK at the post at Royal Ascot horror.
4. To sort out REWILDING’S tragic injury and death in the King George and Queen Elizabeth Stakes at Ascot horror.

What has Morris actually done to date on any of these 4 shockers?
Is Morris the right man to attend to any of these issues as Director of Equine Science & Wellfare ? One would believe the tasks of such a Director of Equine Science & Welfare to be to attend to equine's hospitalised,  care for equine's undergoing operations, and recovering from same.  Equine Science ... Theory?

A cruel job for Morris,  because he is not a true professional horseman  and never will be. Morris may well be good at what he has studied, but no way is he qualified to deal with any of the above. Except to give false lip service waffle to the bloodhorse illiterate punters and general media. Similar to how this country is being run politically, fob the voters off with dishonest lip service waffle, they won’t know the difference.....

British horseracing and British politics need to come out of the closet and start to learn how to treat the British people honestly. Both need to report to the British people once a month on a live TV program. Channel 4 perhaps? The Channel 4 format with The Morning Line and then the afternoon coverage of certain races on Saturday's is a good way of introducing new people to the sport.

THE BRITISH PEOPLE deserve to be given a true preview of what is to be
attempted by government and racings’ rulers over the next month, and a true
review of same achieved, or not achieved, as the case may be, over the previous month.
Last Sunday Harriet Harman MP a guest on the Andrew Marr Show gave a typical example of what can only be termed as 'Negative Fob Off Lip Service' tell them nothing attitude enough to give anyone the creeps big time.

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