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Pope Francis: Sacred Scripture:
7th Sunday in Ordinary Time February 23: 

Sharing Our Faith:

As Lent approaches, Sean Fletcher visits Pershore Abbey for prayerspalms 
and pancakes,and James Lusted meets an octogenarian who cooks forthose in need.
Sean Fletcher visits Pershore Abbey in Worcestershire to find out how the
 community is preparing for Lent. He assists the Rev.


ITV4: Opening Show Join-up: Week Saturday February 22
 to Friday February 28:


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G7 summit Latest Breaking News, Pictures, Videos, and Special Reports from
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Lucky Guest: 
Morning Briefing: 

Greta Thunberg meets Malala at university

Coronavirus Outbreaks Update:

Coronavirus Red Zone Defined:
Child sexual abuse inquiry:



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 Starts Monday February 24: BBC1:  9-15 – 10.00am:
New series. British Housing Scandal Matt Allwright investigates the case
of a vulnerable tenant trapped in a collapsing property in Liverpool:

 Mick Fitzgerald:
 ITV4 Opening Show: 
Saturday Horseracing Live:

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Sunday Politics Live with Peter Henley: 

 BBC1,10.00am - 10.30am:

Peter Henley has been a reporter in the South of England for more
 than 20 years, covering five elections and interviewing all the party 
leaders since Edward ...


The latest Tweets from norman smith (@BBCNormanS). 
BBC Assistant Political Editor. Citizen of Muswell Hill.

UK: NS: JMC: From Downing Street London: What is the present Trade 
relationship between the EU and UK?

BREXIT UK 2020 - Now out of the EU:  UK Brexit is about taking back 
control of its own Trading.

NS: JMC: To say the least, future Trade talks between the EU and UK 
appear all at sea:

NS: JMC: Fundamental European Religions going back thousands of 

years will not be changed by UK: Brexit: 


Politics Live:

BBC2 Politics Live: 12.15am - 1.00pm:

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JC: As Coronavirus sweeps Europe, British newspaper journalists pick up the story big time:

JC: Europe’s Coronavirus Outbreak?

JC: Northern Italy the worst hit so far:

JC: Can the Coronavirus be contained?

JC: Is bad flooding the new normal?

JC: Farmers criticise environment secretary:

JC: Seeking the source …

JC: What do Farmers want from Brexit?

JC: Environment protests in North East:

JC: Coronavirus: Hot Topic for British Newspaper journalists:

JC: Labour Leadership Contest:

JC:  Caronavirus the Hot Topic in UK:

JC: Sajid Javid and his working team sacked
Dominic Cummings blamed as Sajid Javid forced out of ... › top-stories › sajid-javid-resigns-after-n...

13 Feb 2020 - Sajid Javid has quit as chancellor
   after Number 10 ordered him to sack his team of

JC: The Budget: Will Taxes be increased?

JC: Have we seen a decade of distrust?

Tuesday February 25:
Presented by Jo Coburn:

JC: Harvey Weinstein Conviction:

JC: Westminster …..?

JC: Evening News Manchester Report:

JC: Life expectancy falls in Parts of England:

JC: Widening inequality:

JC: Tory Austerity:

JC: Widening health inequalities in England:

JC: Has austerity made peoples health worse?

JC: EU stance on Brexit Trade Talks:

JC:  Free speech Union launched.

JC: Digital outrage Mob criticised:

JC: Free speech under threat?

The latest Tweets from Jo Coburn (@Jo_Coburn). BBC Politics Live presenter. Westminster.

BBC Politics Live presenter. ... #politicslive - 1200 to 1300 on BBC2 weekdays through the
 election campaign with Jo Coburn and Andrew Neil live from BBC Westminster studio. ...
#politicslive - 1215 on BBC2 most weekdays (1115 on Wednesdays if there is a PMQs) with
 Jo Coburn and Andrew ...


Pope Francis: Sacred Scripture:
7th Sunday in Ordinary Time February 23: 

Sharing Our Faith:

JMC: Lent 2020: Inspired this year by Pope Francis Book –
 Heaven and Earth with Abraham Skorka 

Pope Francis on Faith, Family and the Church in the 21st Century
Jorge Mario Bergoglio
and Abraham Skorka:
Translated by Alejandro Bermudez and Howard Goodman
Edited in Spanish by
Diego F. Rosemberg
Edicion Definitiva, Seix Barral..
Buenos Aires, 1995:

B  L  O  O  M  S  B  U  R  Y
London: New Delhi: New York: Sydney:

ISBN 978 1 4729 O945  9

JMC: On Following Jesus, using some of 

Jorge Mario Bergoglio and Abraham Skorka's quotes:


How we experience dialogue By Abraham Skorka  VII

The façade as a mirror By Jorge Bergoglio  XIII

1.        On God  1

2.       On the Devil   8

3.       On Atheists   12

4.       On Religions   17

5.       On Religious Leaders   27

6.       On the Disciples     41

7.       On Prayer   54

8.       On Guilt   65

9.       On Fundamentalism   69

10.    On Death   77

11.      On Euthanasia   91

12.     On the Elderly   96

13.    On Women   102

14.     On Abortion   107

15.    On Divorce   110

16.    On Same-Sex Marriage   115

17.     On Science   121

18.    On Education   127

19.    On Politics and Power   133

20.   On Communism and Capitalism   151

21.     On Globalization   157

22.    On Money   160

23.    On Poverty   165

24.    On the Holocaust   176

25.    On the 1970’s   191

26.    On Some Historic Facts: The Conquest, Socialism and Peronism   199

27.    On the Arab-Israeli Conflict and other Conflicts   210

28.     On Interreligious Dialogue   219

29.   On the Future of Religion   222


Julian Assange's Plight:

    JMC: Praying for Julian Assange and all those like him
   trapped in this cruel dark-age male political – legal monstrosity:
If you trained racehorses this way there woundn't be any racemeetings:

6 hours ago

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The Times
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Daily Mail
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Evening Standard
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Julian Paul Assange (/əˈsɑːnʒ/; né Hawkins; born 3 July 1971) is an Australian
 editor, publisher, and activist who founded WikiLeaks in 2006. WikiLeaks came to
international attention in 2010 when it published a series of leaks provided by U.S.
Army intelligence analyst Chelsea Manning.
Criminal status: Incarcerated at HMP Belmarsh, ...
Political party: Independent (2015present); W...
Awards: Full list
Years active: 1987present

Pope Francis: Sacred Scripture:

7th Sunday in Ordinary Time February 23: