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John Lennon-Power To The People" lyrics Power to the people Power

to the people Power to the people

JMC: Since when has legal illiteracy become a crime?

When does bloodhorse illiteracy become a crime? 

When Bloodhorse Illiterate people set the rules and regulate a global sport: 


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Elizabeth: A Life In Pictures (1/92)

JMC: Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou every one for all you do to help, 

I couldn’t be doing any of this without you: Much appreciated always: 

Chantilly Horse Racing & Training

Guillaume Macaire - Training Legend

BBC1 10.00am - 11.00am:

Andrew Marr, former BBC political editor, interviews key 
newsmakers and shines a light on what's happening
 in the world. Includes a review of the Sunday ...

Telegraph Saturday May 4. 2019:
Don't build 'coalition against the people', Farage warns May

FACT: Angela Merkel asks: 

FACT: AM: “What does Britain really want?”

FACT: JMC: "Who knows?"

FACT: VD: What does Brexit mean for you? 

FACT: NF: "We want our country back:"

JMC: NF: FORM: Why? The Form where is it?
How can anyone be expected to vote without all the key facts?
 There are 46/47 years of FORM missing why is this?

Peter Henley Presents:


Peter Henley with the latest political news, interviews and debate. ... 
Sunday Politics across the UK ... Politics · News · BBC One homepage. 
Watch live. 01:20.

Gender in Politics? 

Next Sunday: There is a shortage of Doctors in UK:  What can we do
 to rectify this problem?

Newspaper headlines: Tory 'civil war' over snap election ... The front page 
also features a picture of disgraced former Premier League footballer Adam Johnson, ...

What did the front pages of Europe's newspapers say the 
day after the Brexit vote?

Racing Post News:

British: European: Global Horseracing:   

Single Country Government Rating Chart:

JMC: Taking a closer look into guiding populations of people:

Jump to Map - Map[edit]. A colo(u)r-coded legend of forms of government.


There are a total of 39 races run at the Punchestown Festival
 including 12 Grade 1 contests.

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Morning Briefing;
Functional Illiteracy
JMC: Two Athletic Human Beings: 
NH: "Racehorses in training are not toys:"

MF: Know How:

Translating "Bloodhorse:” In context here:”

A Thoroughbred Racehorse bred for Racing, in Training:  

In Theory:   -   In Practice:

 In Practice:  -  In Theory: 
Translating "Illiterate:" In context here:
Illiterate a person with the L Plates Up:
A Learner: Along the road attempting to become a professional:

Pic as above:
 JMC: Apprentice learning to ride. 
 Note no contact on the bridle.
A Balancing Act in practice careful not to hold  
on to get and keep your balance, using the reins.

 What does it mean to work a horse on, or off the bridle?
 How to develop your own handler-rider copyright. 
Learning how to ride a racehorse on the bridle.

FACT: Physical- Mental: The two parts that blend together in each
 and every one of us to make a living person, animal, fish or bird. 

Functional illiteracy is reading and writing skills that are inadequate 
"to manage daily living and employment tasks that require reading skills
  beyond a basic level".[1] Functional illiteracy is contrasted with illiteracy 
in the strict sense, meaning the inability to read or write simple sentences 
in any language. Foreigners who cannot read and write in the native language 
where they live may also be considered functionally illiterate.

FACT: The British Horseracing Authority (BHA) 
is in fact "Functionally Bloodhorse Illiterate:"

 Translating "Bloodhorse Illiteracy?   
"a) A female mindset?  b)"A male mindset:" 

Translating "Bloodhorse:"

Translating "Illiterate:"

Translating "Literate:"

1.          male History of Horse Racing People have kept and run horses for over 50000 years. Horse ...
 Henry VIIIpassed several laws in relation to horse breeding as well as ...
Early Days · Kings · Banned · Queen Anne

Wednesday: May 1:
LIVE  BBC2  House of Commons London:  
Jeremy Corbyn faces Theresa May up to the harsh and cruel reality 
 of an eight decade dark age dishonest pay scale.
JMC: No one who works should have to resort to food banks. 
When such as this happens it is showing the world that the 
UK Conservative Party (Tory) are not to be trusted:  
Their attitudes are all unfit for purpose.

Tuesday April 30::
JMC: Governments Form Chart:
Each Individual Countries Governing Rating?
EU Countries Government Governing Rating?
Global Government Standing Rating? 

An inquiry found more than 450 patients died after being given 
painkillers at Gosport hospital.
·         5m6 minutes ago

·         Hampshire & Isle of Wight

  St George's Day is here, offering us all a chance to

fly English flags, celebrate our country's heritage and honour 
the patron saint of England.

Latest news and breaking stories on UK politics. Find updates,
comment and expert analysis on government policies and bills.

Pic as seen through the eyes of JMC: 


Ground Control to Major Tom

Image result for Frankincense and More: The Biography

Hills Dynasty: 
  Frankincense and More: The Biography of Barry Hills (Book by Robin Oakley)

Author: Robin Oakley

Barry Hills: Horseracing Family Dynasty:

Sacred Sunday Results April 28:

 Saturday April 27 Results:

RP: The Big Read: More here JMC:
Barry Hills Interview with Julian Muscat:

Published on Sacred Easter Sunday April 21. 2019: 

JMC: "Bloodhorse Literate" Translated ....
BH: "Sanitized" Translated .....

Friday May 4:
RP: The Big Read: More here JMC:
Barry Hills Interview with Julian Muscat:

Published on Sacred Easter Sunday April 21. 2019: 
CB: Steve Cauthen & Tony:

Steve Cauthen

Thursday May 2:
RP: The Big Read: More here JMC:
Barry Hills Interview with Julian Muscat:

Published RP: Sacred Easter Sunday April 21. 2019: 

JMC: Morning Briefing; Thursday May 2:
Translating "Bloodhorse Literacy:" "Bloodhorse Illiteracy?

 JMC: " Hills words it like this: "He feels the sport has become sanitized
 by over regulation." - the wrong sort of regulation. 
Highly dangerous regulation:  

JMC: Funny Ha – Ha, stuff, as in clowning around, with a racehorse
 in training can never be an option these days. 
The sport has to respect the copyright skills
 achieved by all those who make up each Trainer's Team.

The saddest part of all this being the massive crowds are all 
bloodhorse illiterate, they have no idea what they are watching.      


Opponents of Julius Caesar, worried that he is staking a claim for supreme power, attempt

to curb the number of gladiators owned by any one individual. Despite ..

 Wednesday May 01: 
RP: The Big Read: More here JMC:
Barry Hills Interview with Julian Muscat:

Published on Sacred Easter Sunday April 21. 2019: 

I only bet very occasionally now, mostly on Charlie’s horses, although the last 
decent bet I had was on Withold in the Northumberland Plate, Roger [Charltnn] 
said it would win and that’s good enough for me. Roger’s a good trainer. He does
 it the old fashioned way.” But it’s not just the betting jungle that has changed.
 Hills feels the sport has become sanitized by over regulation. 

I’m 82, a lot of my“ mates have gone, but there don’t seem to be too 

 many people having fun.”  He says. 


 Tuesday April 30:
RP: The Big Read: More here JMC:
Barry Hills Interview with Julian Muscat:

Published on Sacred Easter Sunday April 21. 2019: 

BH: The Queen goes racing, she likes to get all the gossip from her
trainers, see what's going on. She finds it relaxing to go racing 
 because people behave properly when they haven’t drunk 20 pints of beer:

RP: The Big Read: More here JMC:
Barry Hills Interview with Julian Muscat:

Sacred Easter Sunday April 21. 2019: 

Monday April 29:

JM: HILLS trained more than 400 winners from Manton but could not 
unearth the big horses that Sangster required to balance the books.
That facet prompts Hills to come as close as he ever will to expressing regret.

“It was so unfortunate,” he recalls “Robert and I talked almost every day. 
He was a dear friend;  one year he had 69 horses with me.

But that was a time when his home bred horses weren’t up to scratch – 
although of course, Vincent [O’Brien] always had the pick.”

Before that, Hills trained Dibidale for the alliance of Sangster and Nick Robinson.
 She was almost certainly the best of several talented fillies to pass through
his hands. “I never did win The Oaks but I think everyone agrees Dibidale 
would have won [in 1974] if her saddle hadn’t slipped,” he says

Four years later and Sangster almost provided Hills with the Derby triumph
 he cherished above all other. Crack US pilot Willie Shoemaker was drafted in
to ride Hawaiian Sound, who made all until he was challenged late on by

 Remainder Man.

Shoemaker intentionally came away from the rail to block Remainder Man, “
 Hills recalls, “that left a big gap on his inside and Shirley Heights came through
it to pip us by a head.” He still winces at the memory.

While Shoemaker was denied in a photo-finish this side of the pond, on the
 other, an eighteen–year-old apprentice was winning the Triple Crown aboard 
  Affirmed. It typified Sangster sense of adventure that he made Steve Cauthen
 an offer attractive enough to bring the “Kentucky Kid” to Britain in 1979.
Cauthen based himself at Hills stable and was an instant success. He won on his
 debut ride aboard the Hills – trained Marquee Universal at Salisbury. And landed
  the 2,000 Guineas for Hills two weeks later on the long shot Tap On Wood. Hills has
 nothing but admiration for the three time British Champion who rode ten Classic 
 winners. He was good before he came but nobody gave him any rides to start with.”
 He remembers, after he won the 2,000 Guineas Jeremy Tree started giving him rides
 and he was away. There’s no doubt he was one of the best jockeys we’ve ever seen. 
I was talking to Willie Carson the other day and he said one jockey who could really
 get behind and drive it forward was Cauthen.

Cauthen enjoyed tremendous success in harness with Sir Henry Cecil, to whom
 Hills says great credit for the subsequent deeds of Frankel. . “Frankel was 
probably a difficult horse ,” He says. “If it wasn’t for Henry Cecil we may 
never have heard of him, because he found the key. I’m told the horse could 
 well have gone the wrong way."

Since Hills is one of the few to have seen the respective 2,000 Guineas 
triumphs of Frankel and Tudor Minstrel in 1947, his view on which was
visually arresting simply had to be sought. But he wasn’t sufficiently
 enthused to debate it at any length, inclining marginally towards
 Tudor Minstrel with a metaphoric shrug of his shoulders:

That’s because Hills isn’t one to dwell on the past, no matter how golden
 the memories. The man who worked with uncommon fastidiousness has
 had to contend with loosing his larynx, voicebox and Adam’s apple as a 
 result of throat cancer, but for which he might still be adding to a haul of
 more than 3,200 winners -among them five British Classics, as many in
Ireland and the 1973 Arc he plundered with Rheingold. That impression 

is reinforced when he is asked whether he would change anything about
 the past, only that I’d like to start training all over again, knowing as much
 as I do now,” he say’s “when you are young you have a lot of energy but 
not so much experience, I’d like o have another go armed with both.”

 Images for robert sangster racing colours

Robert Edmund Sangster (23 May 1936 – 7 April 2004) was a British businessman, ... 
Sangster was introduced to thoroughbred racing through a friend, Nick ...

8 Apr 2004 - The international world of thoroughbred racing changed on the day that
a flashy chestnut colt called The Minstrel, owned by Robert Sangster ...

8 Apr 2004 - Born in Merseyside, Sangster inherited the Vernons football pools company, which he sold
 for (pounds) 90m in 1988. His racing colours of greenblue sleeves and white cap with greenspots
, were first registered in 1967 and his horses were initially trained by Eric Cousins.

9 Apr 2004 - Racehorse owner and breeder whose colours carried all before ...

Much as he loved racing as a sport, for Sangster it was always a business.

Horse Trader: Robert Sangster and the Rise and Fall
 of the Sport of Kings
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Continued .... Jockeys:

Bloodhorse Literacy: The Balding Dynasty: The Skelton Dynasty: The Fallon Dynasty:
The Hills Dynasty:  
JMC: Context: Fact: Scam Lip Service: Action: 

Form: Translations: Opinions: Consequences: 

ITV4: How to learn to translate Bloodhorse Literacy:
ITV4: How to learn to achieve a Bloodhorse Literate Copyright
Rating in Practice:

JMC: "Bloodhorse Literate" Translated ....

BH: "Sanitized" Translated .....

Friday May 3: 

Dear Friends of MAGNIFCAT,

People often tell me that they came across something in the pages of MAGNIFICAT  which seems to speak to them in a particular way, at a particular moment of  their lives. It could be a line from a psalm, the readings from the Mass of that day, or a meditation from the great treasury of spiritual writing on which we draw. It is as though the great wheel of time which drives our lives suddenly aligns with eternity:
God reaches out, through sacred scripture and through the witness of those who love him, to give us a hint of the bigger picture.  Then life moves on again, with its struggles and distractions. But we know that if we come back, on a regular basis, to the eternal things, we will be fed and sustained.
Yours in the friendship of Christ,  Leonie Caldecott

Wednesday May 1:
JMC: Dark-Age male cruelty is not acceptable in any form: 
As found going on here:  

15 Apr 2019 - Former ISIS wife Shamima Begum photographed in a Syrian refugee camp during an interview with BBC Image caption Ms Begum left Bethnal ...

Husband of jailed Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe demands UK act and warns of new hunger strike
He accused Iran of 'playing games' with the family after officials indicated she could be released on health grounds of in a prisoner swap

Tuesday April 30:

The Mindset of God: 

God's messenger his son Jesus Christ: 

How have we got God's message so wrong? 

ITV4: ITV: Bloodhorse Literate Copyright Team Members are:
Francesca Cumani: Alice (in wonderland) Plunkett:
 Mick Fitzgerald: Sally Ann Grassick: Luke Harvey:
Jason Weaver: Hayley Turner: Frankie Dettori: 

Peter Walwyn, the racehorse trainer, who has died aged 84, was most famously 
associated with Grundy, winner of seven of his 10 races, including the 1975 Derby

Handy All the Way: A Trainer's Life, Walwyn, Peter, Good Condition Book, ISBN 18

6.00am to 9.15am: 

Presented by : Louise Minchin: Dan WalkerCarol Kirkwood:
Our Carol with the weather from Wisley RHS


RHS Flower Shows » RHS Cardiff. 12-14 April 2019. RHS Cardiff. RHS Malvern Spring. 9-12 May 2019. RHS Malvern Spring Festival. RHS Chelsea. 21-25 May 2019. RHS Chelsea. RHS Chatsworth. 5-9 June 2019. RHS Chatsworth.

Our Sally's Sports Report:

"Moon Lunar Dream?"
BBC Sport - Mo Farah & Haile Gebrselassie in dispute over alleged theft
5 days ago · Twitter

Yahoo Sports-5 hours ago

British short track speed skater Elise Christie has revealed she felt “broken” 
during her battle with anxiety and depression. The Scottish ..

Virginia Walwyn with her doggies taking 

a rest after exercise: 

Image result for Book Mick Channon Jnr

VD: Football Racism:

Should players walk off the pitch?

JMC: The horseracing – football connection:

23 Sep 2016 - The most succinct summary of a racehorse trainer's job which
I have ever heard comes very early in Mick Channon Jnr's entertaining book, ...

 JMC: Apprentice learning to ride. As seen through the eyes of JMC

“Racehorses Are Not Toy's”

Victoria Derbyshire:

 BBC 2: 10.00am - 11.00am

Current Affairs:
Exclusive: the Bishop of Kensington, marking one year since 
#Grenfell calls for fundamental revolution in the way we 
care for each other ....

Victoria Derbyshire (@vicderbyshire) · Twitter
Exclusive: the Bishop of Kensington, marking one year since 
#Grenfell calls for fundamental revolution in the way we 

care for each other ....

BBC Political Journalist our Norman Smith
Its understood @frankfieldteam wants to focus his efforts on
legal challenge to his threatened
expulsion from Labour Party

NS: Labour Manifesto Meeting:  
Hours, and hours, and hours of debate; 

Politics Live:

Latest news and breaking stories on UK politics. Find updates,
comment and expert analysis on government policies and bills.

UK: SV: JMC: IAB: Apprentice: Stephen Varley:

LIVE  BBC2  House of Commons London:  
Jeremy Corbyn faces Theresa May up to the harsh and cruel reality 
 of an eight decade dark age dishonest pay scale.
JMC: No one who works should have to resort to food banks. 
When such as this happens it is showing the world that the 
UK Conservative Party (Tory) are not to be trusted:  

Their attitudes are all unfit for purpose.

Tuesday April 30:

JMC: Mantra Draft: Building Global Trade:
The Brexit perspective is global: Its place along the road
to Building Global Trade no one can be asked, expected to vote:
We do not know yet where it will lead us, it is far, far, far too early:
No government can take such a massive dangerous gamble with

every single living person’s daily working life: 

Fact in Theory: Fact in Practice:
1. Each and every Individual Country:
2, European Union (EU): 

3. Global Trade:

Form in Theory?   Form In Practice? 
Ongoing over the last forty seven tax years
 UK: EU: Timeline 1972: - 2019:

UK: 1972 - March 2019 - EU: 28 - Countries in EU: 
 Each Individual Countries Trading Form?
JMC: UK one of the founding countries of EU:
European Union (EU) Trading Form
JMC: Founded as Common Market in 1972/73

Global Trade Form:

Form in Theory?   Form In Practice? 


1. Each Individual Countries Trading Form?

2. European Union (EU) Trading Form?

3: Where are we aiming to get to?  

The political stories of the day. On iPlayer. 15/03/2019 · All available episodes
 (24 total). Next on. 18/03/2019. Today 12:15. BBC Two & BBC Scotland.

UK: JMC: Jeremy Corbyn Leader for the Labour Party:
For All UK People:

Pause for Thought:

The Catholic Church in England and Wales
Liturgy Office
England & Wales
The Liturgy Office serves the work of the Department for Christian Life and Worship of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of England and Wales providing resources, information and advice.

April 2019

May 2019

 Tuesday April 30:

JMC: The punishing attitude of the Church of England takes the
 European Union out of context: 

 JMC: Emotion: Behavior:  
 Explore 4 Types of Love in the Bible - ThoughtCo

'Why must we pay to report crime?' –  Baroness Newlove queries 101 service and says
 anti-social behaviour out of control…via @telegraphnews
13 mins ago
Anti-social behaviour 'nightmare' ignored, says report -…@BBCNews "Victims' Commissioner Baroness Newlove 
said police, local councils and housing providers were downplaying the harm
 caused by crimes such as vandalism." Those in authority part of problem
5 hours ago

A report from Victims’ Commissioner Baroness Newlove has found that police and #councils
 are routinely ignoring victims of anti-social behaviour, and that “depressingly little”
 has changed since her own husband Garry was killed in 2007. #localgov
7 hours ago

Baroness Newlove report: Anti-social behaviour 'nightmare' ignored.…
8 hours ago

Bloodhorse Literate: Global Horseracing:

Racing Post News:

British: European: Global Horseracing: 

Racing Post: Horse Racing Cards, Results & Betting

JMC: Defending the Values of Bloodhorse Literacy Worldwide.
Defending the Values of Religious Literacy Worldwide.
Defending the Values of Human Life Literacy Worldwide.
Defending the Values of Human Rights Worldwide.
Since when has Legal Illiteracy become a crime?
When does Bloodhorse Illiteracy become a crime?

Jump to Map - Map[edit]. A colo(u)r-coded legend of forms of government.


Pope Francis: Vigil of the third Sunday of Easter. 
The account of the appearance of the Risen Jesus by the shore of the Sea of Galilee
  is one of the most beautiful and theologically textured narratives in the Gospel of 

 John.  Every detail is worthy of contemplation:
Throughout her life Mary emptied herself of every shred of self interest. Filled instead
 with the presence of God the water of life from the fountain of salvation, she was free
to offer her Son to the Father on the cross and to sing with joy in his Resurrection.
Christ, having been raised from the dead, will never die again. Death has no power over

him any more.

Saturday May 4: 
Pope Frances “ The wind blows wherever it pleases; you hear its sound,
 but you cannot tell where it comes from or where it is going.
 That is how it is with all who are born of the spirit. (Jn 3:8)”

CANTICLE OF ZECHARIAH      (Luke 1;68-79)   B

The Benedictus 

Blessed be the Lord, the God of Israel
He has visited his people and redeemed them.
He has raised up for us a mighty saviour
   In the house of David his servant,
    as he promised by the lips of holy men,
    those who were his prophets from of old.
A saviour who would free us from our foes,
    from the hands of all who hate us.
So his love for our fathers is fulfilled
    and his holy covenant remembered.
He swore to Abraham our father to grant us,
    that free from fear,
    and saved from the hands of our foes,
    we might serve him in holiness and justice
     all the days of our life in his presence.
As for you, little child,
    you shall be called a prophet of God,  
    the Most High.
You shall go ahead of the Lord
    to prepare his ways before him.
To make known to his people their salvation
    through forgiveness of all their sins,
     the loving-kindness of the heart of our God
     who visits us like the dawn from on high.
He will give light to those in darkness,
      those who dwell in the shadow of death,
       and guide us into the way of peace.
Glory be to the Father and to the Son
and to the Holy Spirit,

          as it was in the beginning, is now,

        and ever shall be, world without end.


JMC: The terrifying wind came again on Thursday January 25 1990, due they say
 to the Greenhouse Effect of the Ozone Layer. Howling wind thrashed the country
 killing 35 people. Electricity cut in many places for 43 hours. It is expected
that wind such as this, is going to re- occur more often in the future.

Where do you come from wind ….?
Where are you going to wind ….?
You’ve smashed the fence down
You’ve torn the trees out
Slates from the roves come crashing down
Play havoc on the motorway’s huge lorries upturned

Who are you wind … What makes you so mad ....
The whole house is in darkness and the cold seeps through to everything … chilled
One candle burning, one torch to hand
Beauty is curled in the rocking chair sleeping. (cat)
What are these things that none of us know …
How can you tell us wind, which way you’ll  go …
What you are doing, and why is it so …

You even are whistling as you crash on your way
Whirling and twirling for all of the day
When you’ve blown yourself out wind, where will you go …
You shudder and quiver still sometimes  I hear
Are you just pondering .. pondering which way to blow
Or steadying, steadying too and fro ..

The tide you have whipped into a frenzy so
  Huge waves are thrashing and thundering in
Roaring and foaming again and again
Who are you wind … What makes you so mad?
Please can you tell us … Please can you say …
What is making you go loony for most of this day…

Is the cold from the Arctic, and the heat from the desert
Crashing and bashing their difference sublime
What causes you to react in this way …
Wind, oh wind can you sort it all out …
Who are you wind … What makes you so mad …

Whispering wind comes answering me …
On a soft spring morning at break of day
When all of the meadows are smelling of hay
Hazy and lazy the sun comes peeping,
Whispering wind comes answering me …

(John 3: 8)

The wind blows where it pleases;
you can hear its sound,
but you cannot tell where it comes from or where it is going.
So it is with everyone who is born of the spirit.

Tuesday April 30:
  Within the Octave of Easter 

Pope Francis - Throughout the Easter Season, we catch glimpses of the 
hidden work of the Spirit, the breath of life bestowed in baptism and
confirmation, coming in wind and fire to complete God’s work of
 recreating humanity and the whole cosmos in Christ: