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Do they Know it's Christmas ~ Band Aid 1984 Probably the most important
 music video to be made in the last ...

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Baby born with heart outside body 'doing well'
"A baby born with her heart outside her body has survived after surgery at Glenfield Hospital in Leicester."

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Amanda Spielman - Education:
Amanda Spielman has been Ofsted Chief Inspector since January 2017. Between 2011 and 2016, Amanda was chair of Ofqual, the qualifications regulator. From 2005 she was a founding member of the leadership team at the academy chain Ark Schools, where she became Research and Policy Director and an education ...

Amanda Spielman (born 22 May 1961) has been HM Chief Inspector of Education, Children's Services and Skills from January 2017. Spielman was educated at Clare College, Cambridge and the Institute of Education, University of London. She was with KMG Thomson McLintock from 1982 to 1986 then Kleinwort Benson ...


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Michael Gove: I'll make Brexit work for animals too

JMC:  WHO is Michael Gove Tory MP: you might well ask: Let Fern Britton introduce him:
11 Dec 2016 - Fern Britton meets former Conservative Cabinet member Michael Gove, who played a prominent role in the Brexit campaign and then ran for the Tory party leadership, after withdrawing his support for former ally
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JMC: Michael Gove needs to build a team of the right sort of people to help him make sure to do this in the right way, to make sure that all human life is respected and has an absolute right to a decent life. To make sure that this is carried out in practice, properly. A few suggestions as follows to clarify who these people are:
Our Queen Elizabeth 11:  Princess Anne:  Prince Harry:  John Gosden:  Frankie Dettori:
 Sir Michael Stoute.  Sir Mark Prescott:  Francesca Cumani:  Sir David Attenborough:

Little Cats:
JMC: You can't Buy Trust:

Big Cats 
JMC: You can't Buy Trust:


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The Secret Life of Dogs Season 4 Episode 1 Episode 1 Check Out Full Eps ::: Watch ... › TV › TV News › ITV
9 hours ago - The second series of Secret Life of Dogs, which starts tonight, has dug up some remarkable stories about man's best friend. 
Find out about Battersea's award-winning primetime ITV show 'Paul O'Grady: For the Love of Dogs' which follows the stories of homeless dogs within our care,28804,1974961_1974925_1974717,00.html

29 Mar 2010 - Dare you to watch the Christian the Lion video without getting teary-eyed. ... to Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You" or that this version is.   
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David Attenborough Origin of Life, Arrival HD BBC Documentary Animals & Nature [MIRROR]. EVO101 ..

BBC: Assistant Political Editor Norman Smith:
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NS: May Faces Brexit Rebellion Revolt:
Dominic Charles Roberts Grieve, QC (born 24 May 1956) is a British Conservative politician, barrister, Queen's Counsel and a Member of the Privy Council. He has been the Member of Parliament (MP) for Beaconsfield since 1997, and served as Attorney General for England and Wales and Advocate General for Northern ...
Political party: Conservative
Majority: 24,543 (43.9%)
Prime Minister: David Cameron

Children: 2

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21/12/2017. The latest political news, interviews and debate. 20/12/2017. Andrew Neil presents live coverage of Prime Minister's Questions. 19/12/2017. Jo Coburn with the latest political news, interviews and debate. 18/12/2017. 15/12/2017. 14/12/2017. 13/12/2017. 12/12/2017.

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Tory Government Nationwide Housing Association Landlords:
Called to account over Maintenance Fraud:
 Financial - Theft – Power – Abuse:
Neglect of property maintenance:
Over the last four decades Tory Government Housing Association Landlords have failed to carry out their maintenance responsibilities in any kind of decent honest way:

Maintenance responsibilities that tenants are being expected to pay for up front each week in their rent. This is financial Tory theft, on a massive nationwide scale:


UK snow: Travellers struggle as icy conditions persist



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JMC: A warm welcome to all. Our Carol brings us a thorough weather forecast. 
 Nippy notes only here:  The coldest night of the year so far. More snow in the north, cloud will build, sparkly sunshine, blustery winds.   

Island MedicsBBC1. 6 December 2017. No comments. Save article. Filming in an isolated community where the emergency services work closely together gave us a unique take on the blue-light format, says Tom Cara. Production company Red Sky Productions Commissioner Jo Street Length 10 x 45 minutes. TX 9.15am ...   

Island Medics. Ep 1/10. Monday 4 December. 9.15am-10.00am. BBC ONE. NEW. This brand new series for BBC One transports viewers behind the scenes at the UK's most remote hospita - the Gilbert Bain Hospital in Lerwick, Shetland. Here, doctors and nurses work alongside GPs, paramedics, coastguard, lifeboat crews ...

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NS: Organ Donations new online system to kick in second part of 2018: › News › Politics › Change the Law for Life campaign

4 Oct 2017 - Organ donation change to Opt Out system in stunning victory for seriously ill transplantpatients. The Prime Minister revealed .... We have been calling for a system of presumed consent across the UK, whereby organs become available unless people decide not to take part. And after our massive two-year ...

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Brexit moved a step closer after MPs voted for the first time in favour of legislation to pave the way for Theresa ... What happens next in Britain's exit from the EU?

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