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Flags of Friendship:
 Sacred Sunday September 15:

What is the G7 summit and what does it do?

·         24 August 2019

JMC: Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou every one
for all you do to help, I couldn't be doing
any of this without you, much appreciated
always: JMC:

Monty Roberts - Born to Run

5 Apr 2008 - 25.6.2009 - Michael Jackson died 50 years old.... great singer in 
the past ."broken soul" in the present... USA for Africa just cool to do that and ...

Pope Francis: Sacred Scripture:  

23 Sacred Sunday in Ordinary Time: September 8th:

Cardinal Newman's attention to the fundamental education
 direction needed within the family by all children:

1 Jul 2019 - The announcement of Cardinal John Henry Newman's canonisation 
was made by Pope Francis.

Pope Francis:  Peacemaking calls for courage, much more so than
warfare: It calls for the courage to say yes to encounter and no

to conflict:

Invocation for Peace, Vatican Gardens, 8 June 2014

Sacred Sunday September 8:

What did Jesus mean when He said it is easier for a camel to go ... › camel-eye-needle

... eye of a needle than for a rich man to gain eternal life (Matthew 19:24; 
Mark 10:25;... The most likely explanation is that Jesus was using 
hyperbole, a figure of .

Bloodhorse Literacy: The Balding Dynasty:

JMC: Context: Fact: Scam Lip Service: Action: Form: 
Translations: Opinions: Gossip: Consequences:
It could be said today much of mankind is lost. Pope Francis 
confirms that there is a great brotherhood to be found
all around our world at present.
 This website introduces the true life historical reference describing
 “A Bloodhorse Literate Copyright”  attempting to focus on what these
three words actually do mean. A way of life, a way of living, a way
that racehorses in training understand and respond to best  ….  Brought
 to life in the Sport of Global Horseracing …. “Born to Run:” 
“Bloodperson Literate Copyright” can be found in nurses, in hospitals
all around our world caring for the sick, in their hour of need.

The identity of Christ
The New Testament  
Miracles – Parables – Events

Gospel of Matthew

Gospel of Luke

 Gospel of John

Thursday September 12:

Nathalie Loiseau MEP (FR) 

French MEP Nathalie Loiseau says the UK government's position

 on Brexit was "lost in translation".

JMC: We are living in a fundamentally bloodhorse illiterate world:
It is estimated that 90 percent of all bloodpersons alive today
are all bloodhorse illiterate: This means that 90 percent of all 
 children are being brought up in bloodhorse illiterate family 
 environments. A stark and dangerous fact.  

Tory government accountability with Tax payer’s money?  

JMC: Why should the EU: have UK: back in their present 28 countries Trading Project? Estimated to be 61 years along in its development?

What Theresa May’s term as Tory Prime Minister has shown us, is how far adrift
the male mindset is from the female mindset: A frightening fact.

JMC: Bloodhorse: Bloodperson:

JMC: Global Horseracing - Born to Run -:

 Khalid Abdullah had a plan when he decided to create his
own Stud Farm - Farms: As did family Aga Khan:

JMC: A living plan: A daily living plan:  

Khalid ibn Abdullah


Chantilly Horse Racing & Training

Guillaume Macaire - Training Legend

BBC1, 9.00am - 10.00am:  
Program this morning: Holiday time now over? Yes:

Andrew Marr’s guest Jo Swinton UK: Liberal Democrat leader: 

Jo Swinson: 'I don't forgive Cameron for EU referendum'
She added: "It is the future of our country that is at stake."
During a Q&A session at her party conference, the Liberal Democrat leader said
   many of the problems  the UK was facing stem from the former Tory prime
minister's "shocking misjudgment", where he "put the interests of the
Conservative Party ahead of the national interest".

JMC: “The People:”

People who are not being properly paid for the work they do every day.  
Many homeless with no decent place to live,  whilst politicians and lawyers
 have been cashing in big time financially over the last 8 decades for only
 themselves. With scant regard for anyone else.
Dark age wage scales, people expected to put up and shut up in a Tory 
system that doesn't work and doesn't care,  If any  of the people messed
 up the same as David Cameron they would find themselves in prison.
 Lethal prisons, run by people that have no mercy or respect for 
anyone else's life. Prisoners all over our world who get no forgiveness
  ever, or help to put right the mistakes they have made. It is the cause
 and reason behind the offence that needs to be understood. 

Andrew Marr asks: 
“Is this the Beginning of Parliament Against the People?”
JMC: Global Trade and EU Political Trading Law: Needs sorting out.

Racing Post News
Brexit a really simple Guide .

JMC: We are living in a fundamentally bloodhorse illiterate world:
It is estimated that 90 percent of all bloodpersons alive today
are all bloodhorse illiterate:  

JMC: UK: Tory Party Financial Accountability using
 Tax Payers hard earned cash. 

Tax payer’s need to know how their money is to be spent, before 
  it is spent. With the option to stop any government project found
 to be grossly extravagant and unacceptably frivolous to use.   
  Nationwide railways that do not reflect their purpose. Space 
 Exploration costs and many more, causing people to end up 
sleeping rough on UK’s streets: Nationwide County Councils 
out of touch with any kind of true human reality.

Angela Merkel asks: 

AM: “What does Britain really want?”

JMC: "Who knows?"

Web result

1 day ago - One of the pioneers of the EU, Altiero Spinelli, was born on this day in 1907. He was the leading figure behind the European Parliament's .

23 May 2019:
The following visionary leaders inspired the creation of the European Union
 we live in today. Without their energy and motivation we would not be living 
 in the sphere of peace and stability that we take for granted.

23 May 2019 - This page provides information on The history of the European ... behaviour become associated with the so-called '68 generation'. ... The European Parliament increases its influence in EU affairs and in 1979 all citizens can, for the first time, ... EU countries begin to work much more closely together to fight

Thursday September 12:

EU: and Global Trading: In Context - Perspective:

JMC: Echo’s back from Brussels, there is still nothing on
 the table from UK: to talk about: 

JMC: UK: Dark-age fake Male Law
UK: Dark-age fake Female Law
UK: Dark-age no Female Law at all

UK: Dark – age fake Male Trust Law
UK: Dark – age fake Female Trust Law
UK: Dark-age male fake Female Trust Law non- existent 

It is obvious that any law that does not apply to everyone is fake law

Michel Barnier set to extend his role as EU Brexit negotiator
Incoming European Commission president looks to
 Frenchman to stay in post: 
No-deal Brexit chaos laid bare as Boris Johnson forced to publish Yellowhammer warnings
It warned that "low income groups" were more likely to pay the cost of Britain crashing out without a deal

Wednesday September  11: 
First 60 Years Timeline  1959 – 2019:
 Second 60 Years Timeline  2020 –2080:
Third 60 Years Timeline  2081 –  3141:
JMC: UK: Single Country Trading: UK: Stay or Leave? 
 This does not need to be a predicament, or any 
sort of difficulty for any single trading country:
  Or a cause for any kind of angry confrontation. 
It is good that Nigel Farage MEP: suggests using the word ‘PACT’ to  
be included in all things about trading countries who unite. UK is at 
present in a bad place with dark- age male internal difficulties, 
  mainly corrupt law, needing urgent attention. 

It is obvious that any law that does not apply to everyone is fake law

Monday September 9:


3 hours ago - Businesswoman Gina Miller, who brought the case, will appeal ... A legal challenge over Prime Minister Boris Johnson's decision to ... The appeal is expected to be heard at the Supreme Court on 17 ... court said on Friday a decision would not be made before Wednesday. .... Share this story About sharing.

Morning Brief:

JMC: UK: Brexit still no plan 

VD: Brexit: A worldwind week: 

Thursday September 12: 

JMC: It is obvious that male dark age law that does not apply to

everyone is fake law:

Judges rule Parliament suspension is unlawful: 

Tuesday September 10:

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4.      Heatwave
UK weather forecast: Hurricane Dorian to trigger week-long heatwave in Britain
The power of Hurricane Dorian and Tropical Storm Gabrielle means hot weather is bound for northern Europe

Top ten moments for women’s rights in 2018 

Monday September 9:
JMC: Timeline 1919 – 2019 - 3019:
Historic Reference  Timeline  1919 – 2019 - 3019

You don’t get over a countries class system by using the word Austerity.
 Or by allowing austerity to run a country and punish most of the working
  people, in it, over a period of 100 years

UK: Westminster London:

  TUC Conference: Brighton:


Clue: Win: Knowth:
 Knowth, notice his ears flickering showing he notices, is
aware of, a lot going on around him. He is OK with that
his mind does not find this present experience an ordeal

Pic as seen through the eyes of JMC Accountability: 
Ground Control to Major Tom  


Lead Horse Virginia Walwyn in the Saddle,

6.00am to 9.15am:
Presented by: Naga Munchetty : Charlie Stayt: Carol Kirkwood:

Autumn day: A band of showers, with blustery winds.  

Hurricane Dorian has strengthened to a category 3 storm … 

Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2019:
 Here are the finalists

BBC Rip Off Britain Episodes:
News & Regional news Magazines

Sally Taylor: Tony Husband: Alexis Green:

BBC 1 6.00pm to 7.00pm:

Victoria Derbyshire:
   Current Affairs:  
BBC 2: 10.00am - 11.00am
 VD: Domestic violence killings rise:
VD: Brexit: A worldwind week:
VD: Mystery illness kills 27 Norwegian dogs: 

Thursday September 12:


VD: Democracy against the people

Judges rule Parliament suspension is unlawful: 

Tuesday September 10:
VD: Thousands ‘ hooked ‘ on prescription drugs:
VD: Parliament suspended: What happens next?
VD: Climate activists using drones to disrupt Heathrow:
VD: Labour leader  addresses Trade Union Congress: 

Monday September 9:

VD: Former Conservative Ministry Margot James MP speaks out:

VD: Can UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson find a way around anti- No Deal Law?

VD: Could the Conservative’s make a “pact” with the Brexit party?

 VD: Jesy Nelson opens up about online abuse.

VD: Actor accused of “faking ” being mixed race::


BBC Political Journalist our Norman Smith  

The latest Tweets from norman smith (@BBCNormanS). 
BBC Assistant Political Editor. Citizen of Muswell Hill. YouTube:

JMC: UK: Dark-age fake Male Law
UK: Dark-age fake Female Law
UK: Dark-age no Female Law at all

UK: Dark – age fake Male Trust Law
UK: Dark – age fake Female Trust Law

UK: Dark-age male fake Female Trust Law non- existent 

NS: JMC: There is to be a revised Yellowhammer document: 
If no-deal happens it will be the poor and vulnerable 
that get hurt the most: As always:

Wednesday September 11:
NS: Talks to Ed Davey MP

Nathalie Loiseau MEP (FR)

French MEP Nathalie Loiseau says the UK government's position
 on Brexit was "lost in translation".

Judges rule Parliament suspension is unlawful:

VD: Democracy against the people:

Clive Coleman


Clive Coleman is an English barrister turned BBC News legal correspondent, who is also a comedy and sitcom writer. Wikipedia
Born15 May 1946 (age 73 years)

 Tuesday September 10:
Global Trade - House of Commons London: 
NS: JMC: Tory hibernation kicks-in, to last over the next 5 weeks,
at a time when monumental decisions are needing to be made:

Tory Leader Boris Johnson says he would rather “die in a ditch, 

than ask the EU for more time:" 

Monday September 9:
Parliament suspension starts from tonight, to come
 back on October 14: 
UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson in Dublin: 
He meets up with Irish President Leo Varadkar:  

NS: Where are we now? Is not easy to read .... he says, 

Brexit: Parliament suspension to go ahead later
·         20 minutes ago

BBC2 Politics Live: 12.15am - 1.00pm:

The political stories of the day. On iPlayer. 27/06/2019 · All available episodes
(19 total). Next on. 27/06/2019. Tomorrow 00:15. BBC Parliament · Upcoming ...
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Presented by Jo Coburn

NS: There is to be a revised Yellowhammer document:

Wednesday September 11: 
Presented by Jo Coburn

 JC: Parliament Suspension Begins:  

Drama in Parliament last night … into the early hours ... 
JC: Commom's speaker to stand down:

JC: Ni-only Backstop: A possible solution:

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn:
"One step to a dictatorship …
Jeremy Corbyn pledges biggest ever extension of 
workers' rights
He tells TUC Congress a Labour government would
 ‘put power in workers’ hands’

Guest: Ian Blackford MP

📽️: My full speech from last night, before the UK parliament was shamefully closed.…
26 mins ago

The scenes in parliament last night should never be repeated in a place that is meant to represent democracy. The PM can run but he can't hide forever. An election is coming, on our terms, and Scotland will have it's say over the disaster the tories have brought upon us.…
1 hour ago

Arrived at Parliament on a day that the order paper includes the order for the Prime Minister to close down Parliament for 5 weeks. In a growing constitutional crisis this should not be happening, this is the shutting down of democracy.
1 day ago

The new DWP secretary is well known for her attack on pensioners. Yet another appointment that shows the UK Government being full of extreme right wingers determined not only to deliver a no deal Brexit but attack pensioners rights.…
2 days ago

We know from @AmberRuddHR that the UK Govt has not made a meaningful offer to the EU. It is a fantasy, @BorisJohnson is simply running down the clock towards no deal. Thank goodness Parliament has legislated to stop no deal. Lets secure an extension and have an election.
2 days ago

📽️: I addressed Parliament this evening after yet another defeat for Johnson's hapless Government.…
6 days ago

I just spoke at the #PeoplesVote rally to defend democracy and stop a catastrophic no-deal Brexit. We're working together with colleagues in other parties to stop Boris Johnson in his tracks.…
6 days ago

The SNP is clear - once we get the bill through to prevent a no-deal Brexit, MPs must force an election before Parliament is prorogued. People in Scotland must have the opportunity to get rid of this Tory government, stop Brexit, and have a choice over their future.
6 days ago

Monday September 9:
 Presented by Jo Coburn  
JC: What Brexit deal would Labour offer?
JC: Why won’t Labour agree to an election?
JC: What options are left for UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson?
JC: Could there be a new Brexit deal with EU?
JC: Keeping the Irish border open
JC: Ni-only backstop: A possible solution?

JMC: Pause for Thought: 

Racehorses Are Not Toy’s:

Images for Nicky Henderson


JMC: Apprentice learning to ride.
Note no contact on the bridle.
A Balancing Act in practice careful not to hold on to get and keep

your balance, using the reins.

Bloodhorse Literate: Global Horseracing:

Racing Post News: 

   British: European: Global Horseracing: 

 Racing Post: Horse Racing Cards, Results & Betting

Nathalie Loiseau MEP (FR)

French MEP Nathalie Loiseau says the UK government's position
 on Brexit was "lost in translation".

Judges rule Parliament suspension is unlawful:

VD: Democracy against the people:

JMC: Defending the Values of Bloodhorse Literacy Worldwide.
Defending the Values of Religious Literacy Worldwide.
Defending the Values of Human Life Literacy Worldwide.
Defending the Values of Human Rights Worldwide.
Since when has Legal Illiteracy become a crime?

When does Bloodhorse Illiteracy become a crime?

Pope Francis: Sacred Scripture:

24 Sunday in Ordinary Time: September 15:

23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time: September 8:

John the Baptist

The identity of Christ
The New Testament  
Miracles – Parables – Events

Gospel of Matthew

 Gospel of Mark

Gospel of Luke

 Gospel of John

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