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Newmarket (GB)
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Nicholas Godfrey (GB) (Racing Post)
Rust a blinkered view. 

Turfcall fighting bloodhorse illiteracy, prejudice and poverty.


Published in the Racing Post on Sunday April 19, 2015.

Rust tells us:
  “I’ll make mistakes but my heart is in the right place. "
 You might find other people you work with have no heart at all.

47 -year-old- Nick Russ joined the British horseracing government as chief executive. (BHA.) Last year’s announcement of the appointment of a former bookmaker as successor to Paul Bittar was met with surprise by many and criticism from a few.  


"The first month spent in office meeting racing’s stakeholders, racings government team on the ground as diverse as the horserace betting right, plans for an agreement between BHA, Horseman’s Group and racecourses for a new structure for the industry, racing’s growth strategy, a new approach to race planning and a review of the BHA’s own structure and operations. " 

Nick Rust: “His time getting his head “under the bonnet” of British racing has included nearly 20 raceday visits getting to know the work of the teams on the ground-the starters, stewards, clerks of the scales and especially the veterinary side,”  he says. Well it would be wouldn’t it, as he tells us he has been looking in the wrong place, he has been looking “under the bonnet.” Looks like he will be aiming to frighten the horses to death. No doubt killing some of the racehorses and their riders off in training while he’s at it.

“Taking a closer look at racing’s stakeholder groups the various acronyms such as the TBA, ROA, RCA and PJA. “

“This sport really deserves to push on and, I know it’s an age-old observation, but if we can just find a way to come together we can do so much. That’s how I’m feeling about it a hundred days in. You won’t be able to do that if your hell bent at “looking under the bonnet”  for your answers. All you will be doing is frightening the horses to death, and maybe some of the riders along with them. You need to get a good insurance policy out. You are in the government’s hot murder seat.

“Rust has spent 27 years working in the betting industry. He has 5 horses in training with Micky Hammond, he enjoys playing the “Gambling Game” that horseracing provides.


“I’ve  had a warm welcome, “ Rust says, “ I feel people want me to play my part in helping our industry to succeed and as long as I am able , with my team, is anyone allowed to know who is in your team?  I can deliver results against what people would reasonably expect, then I’ll have that support.” What sort of people? Bloodhorse illiterate people? Or bloodhorse literate people? “My approach is to be open.” Yes but at 47, with respect, you are still bloodhorse illiterate. You will be taking bloodhorse illiterate decisions in theory that may place bloodhorse literate people to include the horses in highly dangerous  circumstances in practice , open to horrendous consequences. The same, all over again as has been bloodhorse illiterate government policy over the last 6 decades.   

“So having come from the betting industry how different is the way the BHA government are set up? “Rust says. “In any organization these days there are accountabilities and stakeholders. So in one respect it’s not so different.

“In another yes, it’s not a straightforward commercial organization and I have regularity and integrity duties, but my role is to help pull together and help with the overall leadership of our sport.”

“However, Rust is aware he cannot be a new ‘Dictator of the Turf’ and that the levers of power are not all in his hands.

“I’ve said it before, this sport is not ready for a Bernie Ecclestone,” he says “I’m not a  Bernie Ecclestone and the only way we will make progress is by finding common ground and working together. My track record suggests I can assist  with that.

“ With the issue of a horseracing betting right as a replacement for the levy temporarily on the back burner after the government  announced it planned to proceed with the plan, a new industry structure has risen to the top of Rust’s priorities.


“However, agreement has proved harder to reach than the BHA had hoped with the racecourses – particularly Arena Leasure Company – complaining the structure was too consultative rather than truly tripartite, especially over the fixture list. Fixture lists and race planning cannot be place in the hands of the bloodhorse illiterate that's for sure. Totally out of their depth. 

“Rust says he is confident the right wording can be found in the next few weeks to overcome any issues – indeed the BHA Board splashed  out £78,000 guineas on a Zebedee colt at the Tattersalls Craven Breeze-Up Sales on Wednesday to be called act now to be caller Tripartite. "

"The fixture list is so important that the concern, I suspect, of the racecourse groups is that the government may act on its own approach to things without reference to its members, " Rust adds.

"There is no way we could proceed on that basis but there does need to be a separation between policy and implementation. "


Race planning is another area in which Rust is looking for a collaborative or “holistic” approach.


“He says: “The BHA, together with the race planners at racecourses, are going to work together on a system where we have much more visibility across everything we are doing and much more information on the statistics to plan in a holistic way. “


“IN ADDITION to areas such as funding and the structure of the industry, Rust believes there are fundamental issues surrounding declining attendances outside music nights, failing ownership and reduced participation in betting on races.


“As things stand, unless we address those three things:




“Then the overall health of the sport is not going to improve, “ he says.


“The issues are being addressed in the work being done as part of the industry’s *growth strategy.


“For example, a group which will include James Henderson, Andy Hornby and Breon Corcoran –chief executive William Hill, Coral and Betfair respectively –among others, including Rust, is set to meet next month to look at ways of growing betting on racing.


 ”It will also have a group looking at the needs of the betting public.


“We’ve still to define who will come but I think it needs to be some eloquent bigger hitters, but together with the man on the street,” Rust explains, because it is the man on the street who is spending his money on this, contributing towards-racing’s funding and whose pound is being competed for among other leisure pursuits. “


“Rust is keen on getting more information to the betting public including issues such as whether a horse has had a breathing operation, although, as ever, funding is an issue.


“The government’s new leader is also keen to make the organisation more transparent, including the publication of a monthly data pack and the reintroduction of an annual review this year.


“It is quite right that everything we do should be scrutinised over and every penny we spend we should be accountable for within  the wider aims of what our members want the government to do, “ he says.


“Part of that transparency is the four industry updates, starting tomorrow (Monday April 20) in Edinburgh, at which Rust and Racing Enterprises Ltd chief executive Rod Street (It is noted that Street allows his enthusiasm to overcome his common sense, which added to his bloodhorse illiteracy adds up to a fairly lethal dangerous mix.)  will review the past year, outline what their priorities are and update the industry on some of the initiatives coming out of the growth strategy.


“The key thing about these briefings is showing what we are trying to do which is being a joined up group of people for the good of this industry, “ Rust says. Bloodhorse illiteracy kills off this sport literally, we have seen this in action over the last 6 decades making this sport 100 percent more dangerous than it ever needs to be.   Therefore for Rust to say we are trying to be a joined up group of people for the good of this industry, is alarming to say the least.


“So having got his feet under the table where would Rust like to see British racing in a years time?


“I would like the racing right to be on the statute book and ready to go, “ he replies, “The member’s agreement signed and we are on with it, the industry strategy agreed and being delivered, the negative trends in participation in betting, ownership and race going bottomed out and starting to move and a holistic approach to race planning being deployed and embraced by our industry. “


“Rust says “There are no regrets about taking this job. A few people have asked me from within the industry ‘are you mad taking this job, “ he replies. “The answer to that is I may well be mad but it’s not for reasons of taking this role. I am delighted to take this role on.


“It’s a big challenge for me. I truly feel very humbled and privileged to have been given the opportunity.


“I know I am only as good as the results we deliver but I do think there is a good chance for racing at the moment and I do feel I can play my part. “

 Rust’s warning: "Act now to halt decline”.

In What Zone?

  “BHA chief insists ‘the time for action is now’ .
Racing Post  Tuesday April 21 pages 1 and 4. A further feature by Bill Barber.

Turfcall fighting bloodhorse illiteracy, prejudice and poverty.
"BRITISH horseracing is at a crossroads, its leader Nick Russ warned yesterday as he sought to convince the sport of an ambitious manifesto for change, including an extra £120 million a year for the industry by 2018.
 Rust a blinkered view.
“Rust said in Edinburgh at the first of four roadshows that the sport could not be complacent giving the fall in horses in from training and owners, while revealing levy income, before voluntary contribution, could fall to £50m in two years’ time.  
"BHA chief insists ‘the time for action is now. "
Taking a lead from other sport eg football players pay. Top professional horseracing handler, rider, work riders, jockeys need to be right up there at the top financial level beyond even footballers pay.

Racing Right: (Equus Zone) Embracing all those who have achieved true bloodhorse literacy in their own right, to include true wage for skills achieved to apply financially on all racecourses  as well.

Racing Right: Learner Student: (Equus Zone)  Embracing all learner students who wish to make their career in horseracing.  Timeline true bloodhorse literate career steps. True career project

Racing Medication Right (Equus Zone): To be financed by government  include: Embracing all racehorses in training who are injured at home, travelling and on all racecourses.

Media Racing Right: Embracing all those who enjoy a day off and a day out  at the races
It is understood that British horseracing is aiming to broaden the appeal of horseracing. Beyond the Betting Right: Embracing the popular horseracing “Gambling Game” that horseracing provides.

Rust’s  bloodhorse illiterate Edinburgh roadshow

Rust’s first roadshow Edinburgh? Review?

Rust’s ratings review on his first bloodhorse illiterate Edinburgh roadshow?

Rust’s four bloodhorse illiterate roadshows?

Rust’s second roadshow ?

Rust’s third roadshow?

Rust’s fourth roadshow?

Rust on racehorses in training.

Rust on racehorse owners.
Rust on levy income before voluntary contribution. … *Gov tax
Turfcall on minimum wage.
Turfcall on living wage.
Rust on sports growth ….
Turfcall on the British horseracing sport’s growth at present and over the last six decades - British horseracing has been governed to suit the punters and the popular ”Gambling Game” that horseracing provides. Owners, many bloodhorse illiterate, have in the main expected to get their horses trained for fun, for free. A prejudiced attitude
Rust on horseracing betting right
Turfcall on horseracing racing right
Turfcall on horseracing medication right.
Turfcall on horseracing trainers’ right
Turfcall on horseracing Group 1 handler-rider-flat - jump-jockey right
Turfcall on horseracing Group 1 handler-rider- jump - jockey right
Rust on increased ownership.
Rust on racecourse crowds
Rust on prize-money year by year.
Rust “under the bonnet” .
Rusts estimated figures.
All At Sea - Pat Eddery
Team (Henry) Cecil 
Owner of All At Sea


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