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Week Monday June 8, to Sunday June 14.

Female's  same pay as Male's:
Female Doctor's same pay as Male's
Female Nurses same pay as Male's:
Female Carer's same pay as Male's:
Female Housekeeper's same pay as Male's:
Female Homemaker's same pay as Male's:
  Bloodhorse Literate Female's presenting a runner on a racecourse £200.00 per hour
  Bloodhorse Literate Male's presenting a runner on a racecourse £200.00 per hour.
To be paid direct by the racecourse, on arrival.

EG: Flat Turf: Royal Ascot, Newmarket. Jumps Turf: Cheltenham, Aintree.
 Bloodhorse Literate Female's presenting a runner on a racecourse £500.00 per hour
  Bloodhorse Literate Male's presenting a runner on a racecourse £500.00 per hour.
 To be paid direct by the racecourse, on arrival.

 Bloodhorse Literate Female's presenting a runner on a racecourse £500.00 per hour
  Bloodhorse Literate Male's presenting a runner on a racecourse £500.00 per hour.
 To be paid direct by the racecourse, on arrival.

Every single living being by right's should own their own human rights destiny.
Taking a Closer look at Horseracing
The clues are here, but can you spot them?

Date for Your Dairy
Royal Ascot Tuesday June 16 to Saturday June 20, 2015

JMC: After last weekend’s Epsom’s Investic Oaks and Derby Festival 2015 where Frankie and Johnny achieved their massive Derby win with Golden Horn. What clues have Frankie and Johnny got for us this coming Saturday?  CH4 Horseracing Team bring us their Morning Line Preview Clues Live from 8.00am to 9.00am and in the afternoon bring us four races live from York. Three races live from Sandown Park. And one from Musselburgh. Start 1.35pm to 4.15pm.

Then next week, is a very special week at Royal Ascot 2015 what horses and what clues will Frankie and Johnny have for us there? Starting on Tuesday June 16, over 5 days, last day Saturday June 20. Ch4 bring us the Morning Line Preview over all these 5 days from 8.00am to 9.00am direct from Royal Ascot. With all the afternoon racing action live start 1-40pm to 6.00pm every afternoon.

 Some of the very best racehorses, you will find competing anywhere in the world today, will be presented here at Royal Ascot 2015  over this five day meeting next week these most beautiful creatures prepared and presented by highly skilled true global bloodhorse literate trainers, jockeys, and handlers.
Who are Frankie and Johnny?
(Frankie Dettori  and  John Gosden)

Frankie Dettori one of the greatest global bloodhorse literate jockey’s riding in the world today. Frankie has suffered shocking abuse from British bloodhorse illiterate government male's during his riding career.

John Gosden one of the greatest global bloodhorse literate flat turf trainers' training in the word today.



 We do not want our little babies having to experience
 the terror of war,  anytime in their lives.

A warm welcome to all:
presented by Louise Minchin and Charlie Stayt
Our Carol brings the weather. Fine early, breezy in places a warm sunny day.
Thunder heavy rain on Friday.
Steph McGovern takes a closer look at starting a small business.
Starting a Business & Support Workshops



JMC: Hard working families do not get time to sit at home all day to follow how Tory government projects in action are progressing, or not as the case maybe. Tax payer’s pay politician’s wages, but they are not getting a fair deal from the Tories. Not by a long chalk. Tory’s habit of secrecy to only pass on what they want the electorate to know, whilst withholding the rest. Providing instead Tory fob off, rip off, lip service waffle.

These Tory politicians are deceiving the electorate, taking their wages for work they never bother to do even, this is fraudulently dishonest. Tories are taking tax payer’s money in wages whilst deceiving the electorate right left and centre.


May 7 to June 6. 2015

The British electorate are not getting a fair and true pitch response about Tory government’s projects in hand, since the General Election on May 7  2015. Tory’s now a month on from that result, there is no Tory word, or Tory plan provided direct to the hard working electorate families (many suffering homelessness) who are paying politician’s wages every day. Why is this? Why are all these British people being kept so badly informed?



There needs to be a daily paper for this political job.
 True facts-plan needed before Tory government actually get in the project starting stalls.  
 Where is this true facts-plan ?
  True facts- plan surfacing throughout a project meeting. Where is this true facts plan ?
 True facts memo after a project meeting. Where is this information?

Tory government appear to be taking a closer look at the following: The Electorate will be aware through the media that the following Tory projects are in hand: But that is all. Not  good enough, not nearly good enough.

European Union: (EU): True facts where are they? Tory Mr David Cameron shown to be out and about. But gives no detail. Not good enough, not nearly good enough.

Human Rights: Tory male government don’t even know what “True Human Right’s” actually mean even. Not  good enough, not nearly good enough.

Housing: Timeline: Feeble vague attempts shown but no facts anywhere in sight.Not  good enough, not nearly good enough.

Economy direction? Where is the written detail for the electorate?
Education: Timeline: Feeble vague attempts shown. No forward plan paper evidence to electorate provided. Not good enough, not nearly good enough.

G7 Summit: Timeline: True facts where are they? What was the purpose of this so called summit? Did this Summit achieve anything at all? If so, what exactly? What did it fail to achieve?
Libyan migrants, pregnant females, babies, little children, teenagers,  old ladies,  ravaged by the horror of war, traumatized petrified people attempt to flee war torn countries, even if  they are likely to drown, and lose their lives at sea.
EG:  It has been noted that the Tory government remain in their dark-age rut, couldn’t care less about the electorate now the General Election is over.

Daily Politics 
BBC2 : 12.00 - 1.00pm

Presented by Jo Coburn and Andrew Neil.

JMC: Politicians in Westminster instead of taking the pay rise they have just got, should agree to live on the Living Wage themselves until such time as they have given the British people their lives back. Estimated to take at least 20 years.


During Prime Ministers Question Time as recorded and shown live by Daily Politics today.
Harriet Harman calls Cameron to account over his gloating, sneering jeering and ranting. Yes, yes, yes.   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harriet_Harman

Kids' laureate: 'Doodle every day '
BBC News 1 day ago

Illustrator and author Chris Riddell wants to encourage "drawing every day" as part of his new role as children's laureate.

Monty Roberts has achieved true bloodhorse literacy in his own right.
Monty Roberta (USA) Blushing ET Documentary

The Duke of Edinburgh
From young refugee to royal consort and tribal icon.

Duke of Edinburgh - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


The Duke of Edinburgh is the longest serving consort in British history and also the oldest



Racing Right Global Equus Zone (GB)
Your adventure into the world of Global Horseracing
a warm welcome  to Nicholas Godfrey. 






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