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Week Monday July 13 to Sunday July 19.

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Charlie Stayt talks to George Osborne Tory Chancellor, questioning him about the true reality of his Budget yesterday, pointing out some of the consequences likely to bring hard working people to their knees.

JMC: Big let down for the electorate as Tory Budget punishes hard working families.
Government show their ignorance over all countryside matters through the mess they have made of their foxhunting saga

Male government self-deception, and confusion through ignorance over farming and foxhunting.

Foxhunting first started in the 16th century and remained a way to cull the population of foxes in the countryside throughout and up until 2005, when government terminated the practice. The British public need to be informed as to what government have used to keep the population of foxes down over the last ten years. What is estimated to be the number of adult foxes existing today? How many foxes have been culled each year, over the last ten years? And what methods have government used to kill surplus foxes? The British people need to know the true facts,  


All the creatures who attempt to live in the British countryside including foxes, birds, fish, otters, deer etc. Male governments who order the destruction of animals, governments who end a creatures life needs to do it in a true humane way. With every care taken to prevent horrific sufferance. The whole zone of slaughter houses. The whole zone of animals being travelled live over long distances to be slaughtered is known to be horrific, yet male government couldn’t care less. Staggering male government incompetence left ongoing over seven decades.

The horror of myxomatosis

Updated March 2014. What is myxomatosisMyxomatosis is a severe viral disease of rabbits that decimated the wild rabbit population when it arrived in Britain ...

Myxomatosis (sometimes shortened to "myxo" or "myxy") is a disease that affectsrabbits and is caused by the myxoma virus. It was first observed in Uruguay in ...

Tory Government Set Their Wage Punishment Trap.
JMC: Where is the Tory Budget relating to the daily needs and human rights of all British working families? A recent quote "If you don't put anything in, you cannot get anything out."
 British Tory government flippantly disregard the rights and needs of all those that make up the British workforce.

The British Male Legal Justice System an horrific male spoof in which human rights are mocked and ridiculed, allowing the male of the species massive corrupt financial reward.


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Pause for Thought


Racing Post Monday July 13, 2015. Pages 12-13.

DAVID CARR meets rider Sammy Jo Bell, who’s decision to leave Ireland is paying off as she enjoy’s a breakthrough season.

“You’ve got to work hard to get results, it’s the same in all walks of life. “

"I wasn't doing anything different last month but when you get one winner it puts you out there, you get plenty of good rides. I'd love to win the apprentice championship but there's a long way to go. "


Racing Post Monday July 13, 2015. Pages 12-13.

NICHOLAS GODFREY meets Sophie Doyle, riding high after a successful switch to the US.

“Brave move proving to be a life-changing experience. "

"I watch every replay, win or lose, and pick something out. There's something to be learned from every ride because I'm definitely not perfect. "

 1966 – 2015

The two legged female of the species have suffered a long and slow journey to find true recognition in a male world. Racehorses in training reflect the truth they do not lie. 

26 OCTOBER 1894 – 30 OCTOBER 1988

“The battle to allow women to train went all the way to the Court of Appeal and was won by a very unlikely suffragette, a blue-blooded elderly lady named Florence Nagle.”

Florence Nagle (26 October 1894 – 30 October 1988) was a trainer and breeder of racehorses, a breeder of pedigree dogs, and an active feminist.
Dissatisfied with the lack of opportunities for women jockeys, Nagle sponsored the Florence Nagle Girl Apprentices' Handicap first run in 1986 at Kempton Park.


"For twenty years Nagle worked to end the Jockey Club's ban on licensing women as race horse trainers,[69] which she saw as an injustice: eventually, frustrated by the Jockey Club's persistent refusal to grant training licences to women, Nagle sought legal redress. It has been suggested that the club used its considerable influence within the Establishment to have her claim blocked twice.[2] Her fight finally reached the Court of Appeal in 1966.[70] Following her third appearance in court, Nagle emerged victorious. The verdict of the three presiding judges, Lord Denning, Lord Justice Dankwerts and Lord Justice Salmon, was, in the words of Lord Denning, that "If she is to carry on her trade without stooping to subterfuge she has to have a licence."[70] Lord Denning went on to describe the refusal to grant Nagle a training licence as "arbitrary and capricious",[70] and Lord Justice Danckwerts called it "restrictive and nonsensical".[70] Of the Jockey Club itself, Lord Justice Danckwerts went on to pronounce that "The courts have the right to protect the right of a person to work when it is being prevented by the dictatorial powers of a body which holds a monopoly."[70] All three judges also referred to the Sex Disqualification (Removal) Act 1919. Faced with the court's damning and embarrassing decision,[71] the Jockey Club capitulated, and on 3 August 1966 Florence Nagle and Norah Wilmot became the first women in Britain to receive licences to train racehorses.[5]
Nagle credited herself with "dragging the Jockey Club into the twentieth century".[5] She said: "This was a matter of principle. I am a feminist. I believe in equal rights for women. Things should be decided by ability, not sex".[69] 



The first British Ladies Flat turf race held under Jockey Club Rules.
Meriel Tufnell partnering her mother’s filly Scorched Earth, one of 21 challengers. “I had orders to jump fast, to stay in touch, to kick on to win close home, to my surprise I found myself in the lead, I kept kicking and then to my immense surprise I past the post first, an outsider at 50-1.”
 It was Meriel’s mother Patricia, with horses in training with Peter Bailey in Berkshire, who agreed to coach Meriel she went on to became the first female Flat champion jockette with three winners from seven rides in a 12-race series. She died of cancer aged 53.

Human Rights Rules within the sport of Global Horseracing Equus Zone (GB)
Your adventure into the world of Global Horseracing
a warm welcome  to Nicholas Godfrey.



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