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Feature Race
3:40 KFM Hunters Chase (for the Bishopscourt Cup) 2m4f Card Betting
4:20 Aon Novice Handicap Chase (Grade A) 2m5f Card Betting
4:55 Breakfast With Hector On 2FM Handicap Chase 3m6f Card Betting
5:30 Rabobank Champion Hurdle (Grade 1) 2m Card Betting
6:05 Tattersalls Ireland Champion Novice Hurdle (Grade 1) 2m4f Card Betting
6:40 Star Best For Racing Coverage Novice Hurdle 2m Card Betting
7:10 Irish Thoroughbred Breeders Association Fillies Scheme Premier Bumper 2m1f Card Betting
7:45 Racing Post Champion Hunters Chase 3m1f Card Betting

Al Zarooni banned for eight years for drugs scandal

By James Burn
GODOLPHIN trainer Mahmood Al Zarooni was on Thursday banned for eight years by the disciplinary panel at the BHA's headquarters after being found guilty of doping offences which have rocked British racing. (9 hours ago)More
  • Paul Bittar statement 
  • J Margaret Clarke Turfcall Comment
  • Paul Bittar is Bloodhorse Illiterate he has no right to hold this position for BHA
  • Paul Bittar is running British horseracing without an Equus Zone this confirms that British horseracing is being run ignoring the rights and needs of the horses and the people who care for the horses daily at the dangerous sharp end. 
eg: Like attempting to drive a car with only one wheel on. Except a car is a machine so does not feel pain.
BHA completely out of touch out of zone with all Equus matters BHA like attempting to drive a Mazerati racing car in the Gran Turismo Trofeo MC racing series with only one wheel on. Except a car is a machine so does not feel pain.

On Tuesday at Punchestown Festival when SPRINTER SACRE won his race giving a performance to remember for ever for Team Henderson and racegoers. This was no fluk. No flash in the pan. This was observing bloodhorse litaracy in practice at the highest level. A supreme art in practice carried out each day by Team Henderson in what urgently needs to be publicly accepted and recognised as a true Equus Zone inclusive.

What is a trainer and his team supposed to do when horses come back home after racing broken cripples. Shut them in a dark shed and forget about them? NO Al Zarooni's compassion for the horses placed in his care shines out through his actions to combat suffering for which he is given a ban to last for 8 years. A Heart breaking and dreadful punishment to give to a true bloodhorse literate achiever.

"Bittar's view of the severity of the bans for trainer and horses was that it would serve to reassure the public and the sport's participants that use of performance-enhanced substances in British racing will not be tolerated."

The British public and all punters would prefare to be told the truth, not a pack of lies. In which the true life and times of Al Zarooni  is allowed to develop, instead of being destroyed forever.The British public have every right to get to know and to understand what bloodhorse literacy is, within the true Equus Zone of natural justice. Punters might even be able to back more winners if aware of true Equus facts.



Racing Post Yesterday
J Margaret Clarke Turfcall Comment

Julian Muscat “answers the key questions on the Godolphin doping scandal.”  But is this a doping scandal?

 OR IS THIS YET FURTHER EVIDENCE of a muddled confused bloodhorse illiterate horseracing government who do not know what they are talking about, leave
 alone practicing. A government so used to being able to get away with cheating the British people to include the horses, ongoing over 6 decades, getting away with lethal cruel working practices, injustices too shocking to even think about, or mention. Further symptoms that this BHA government is not fit for purpose.

“What ban is Al Zarooni likely to be given today? Al Zarooni has been given an 8 year ban. Upsides the draconian  measures BHA took against champion French jockey Christophe Soumillon on the first British Qipco Champions Day farce at Ascot (15. 10.2011)  Which
 Ch4 Nick Luck tackled live from Ascot that day in his interview with BHA Chairman Paul Roy. Relating to BHA’S ‘Bloodhorse Illiterate Whip Review’. Now nearly two years later BHA are still refusing to allow a ‘Bloodhorse Literate Whip Review’. BHA in refusing this, show they couldn’t care less about any licensed jockey’s to include the horses rights and needs in this country leave alone other racing countries around the world. The BHA couldn’t care less about how the Indian Turf Club treat their racehorses, their trainers or jockeys.
Ch4 Nick Luck talks to BHA Chairman Paul Roy
Qipco British Champions Day
Saturday October 15th 2011  

Christophe-Soumillon fights for his bloodehorse literate rights

Qipco British Champions Day
Saturday October 15th 2011
Eventually he succeeded all charges dropped.
BHA’S scaremongering media tactics applied giving a harsh and evil punishment. Tricking the public into believing their inaccurate bloodhorse illiterate judgement.

“Can Godolphin survive the scandal? What do you think? The British Social Classes, pecking order is not a healthy one.

“What effect will the scandal have on Sheikh Mohamed? Devastation, heartbreak, he loves his horses and has achieved bloodhorse literacy in his own right. He would do anything for his horses. Nothing like this would happen in Dubai. He clearly doesn’t realize himself yet that this could be a dreadful bloodhorse illiterate error and Al Zarooni made the scapegoat victim, a BHA sacrifice, to save face. Lengthy failures by BHA government have destroyed a massive amount of other people’s working lives to include the horses.

“If Al Zarooni is banned today, what will happen to the 250 horses he has in his care?
No one who loves his horses as Sheikh Mohammed does would want them left uncared for, in severe pain, denied all medication and caring. The 250 horses left without Al Zarooni need ongoing immediate day to day care including exercise. The bloodhorse illiterate would not be able to do this work, far too dangerous. Just one bloodhorse illiterate person among 250 horses lethal.  

“Is Al Zarooni alone in the use of steroids?  People deserve to know the truth about such medication in horseracing countries around the world.  The true facts about such steroids. Where did they come from? Their purpose?  Exactly what effect do they achieve? What are their side effects? Surely vets can prescribe these to help a very badly injured horse? Veterinaries as  BHA employee (now dismissed) Tim Morris is bloodhorse illiterate, he is a vet not a horseman. He should never have been employed by the BHA to carry out a Bloodhorse Illiterate Whip Review. A BHA scandal that has not been corrected yet by the BHA. What are they waiting for?
THERE are many very large question marks about the British Rules of Horseracing, and how they are being interpreted. Racehorses who are injured whilst in a licensed trainers care, need to be healed in that trainers care. Whilst injured they cannot be trained.  This one key area of a true vital Equus Zone is being totally ignored by BHA. Why?

“For how long will Certify and the other horses who tested positive be banned from racing?
Certify along with 14 Godolphin stablemates banned from running by BHA for six months. They will not eligable to race again until October 9."
“Should the BHA take a clearer stance on steroids?
“The stance is as clear as clear can be. Is it? Clear to whom? Anabolic steroids are prohibited
substances both in and out of training. Are they? Who says so? For what reason exactly? Anyone involved with horses who believes otherwise has been living on another planet. True Bloodhorse Literacy the key ingredient to ensure a person is living on another planet then. Must be that Nicky Henderson  and Al Zarooni and all those who go to make up Team Henderson and Team Al Zarooni  are living on another planet. Well so be it. Seems like the other way round all the bloodhorse illiterate are living on another planet. In a strange sort of way perhaps bloodhorse literacy achievers are living on a different planet. If I was a horse I know which planet I would prefer. The cruelty shown in Anna Sewels Black Beauty made me feel sick for a week.  There is one important distinction. Some steroids have a legitimate place in equine veterinary science and can be so prescribed. Anabolic steroids of the kind found in 11 otherwise healthy horses are a different matter, since they clearly fall into the performance –enhancing category. For a trainer to plead ignorance of this is almost as shocking as the offence itself.” If a person has two dodgy painful knees, severely restricting mobility, like hardly being able to move around a very small house.  Eventually a medic prescribes a steroid injection. Following which huge relief is experiences as the inflammation is cleared up fast, mobility problem eased considerably.   What a relief. What is wrong with that? Steroid injections like that can only be given once every three months.
Knees completely healed after about 15 months.

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