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Get well soon Prince Philip we miss you.

Excitment mounts as our own Queen Elizabeth and her Royal Ascot Flat Turf Meeting gathers pace. Yes, yes, yes what treats we have in store.
Tuesday June 18th to Saturday June 22nd 2013.



David Milnes reports:
“Charged Butler thanks owners for support.”

“GERARD BUTLER revealed he will have no runners at Royal Ascot but says no horses have left his yard as he thanked owners for their support in the face of his BHA drug charges.
“The Newmarket trainer, charged on seven counts after nine of his horses tested positive for the banned steroid stanozolol, is waiting to learn the date of his BHA hearing. The 47-year-old is facing a lengthy ban if found guilty and confessed he found the list of charges “quite overwhelming” when first informed of them three days ago.

“Giving his first reaction since the charges were brought, Butler, whose latest runners at Newmarket and Chester on Saturday both finished fifth, said: “I’m sure we will have a fair hearing but I just hope that minds are not made up before we get down there.
“I certainly don’t want to be sat there with a noose around my neck and later having to scream freedom from the gallows when the lever is pulled.”

Butler has had the spectre of charges hanging over him since February 20 when horses in his care were first tested by the BHA investigators.

“Among the more serious charges are allowing a prohibited substance, Sungate, to be administered to horses under his care, administering intra-articular injections himself to four of his string. Azrag, Zain Eagle, Zain Spirit and Prince Alzain, and a failure to keep records for a further five.

“The BHA is also pressing charges on rule A(30) which relates to actions prejudicial to the conduct, integrity and reputation of the sport.
Butler– who has claimed Sungate has been injected into more than 100 horses in Newmarket – said of the charges: “I found reading the crime sheet quite overwhelming but I have no comment to make on the individual charges themselves. We are now completely in the hands of the BHA and we await a date for the hearing.”

“Concerning the nine horses involved in the investigation , Butlersaid: “Non of the nine horses Butler said: “Non of the nine are allowed to be entered while the case is ongoing, but my owners have been very supportive and are backing me all the way. Thank God for them as they have been very patient all the way through this and not one horse has left the yard as a result of it.”

Butler, whose biggest winner was Compton Admiral in the 1999 Coral-Eclipse, is not expected to have any runners this week.

“He said:‘It’s not by design but it’s just because there aren’t any races for particular horses. I don’t think we will have anything for Royal Ascot either.”

“The BHA is undertaking a wider probe into the use of Sungate by other trainers across Britain, the results of which will be announced in due course.”

J Margaret Clarke Turfcall Comment
The work of all Veterinary Surgeons is to treat, to heal all the worldwide animal kingdom in trouble and pain through injury and sickness no matter how caused. No vet should be contaminated, subjected or forced to take notice of bloodhorse illiterate BHA officials at any time. Or for any reason. The owner, trainer and daily minder of any racehorse in training knows when an animal is in pain, suffering and struggling with life, and entitled to bring that animal the very best immediate Veterinary assistance and care available. It is not for the BHA to meddle in veterinary proceedures of any sort. Or to question Veterinary working practices or the medication a Vet may choose to prescribe .
We have seen the most appaling results recently of the BHA using Veterinary Tim Morris to carry out a racehorse riders Whip Review with Jamie Stier (BHA odd job man). Resulting in a New Bloodhorse Illiterate Whip Rule which still remains in the British Rules?

The mindset of these BHA people who read to uphold the Rules of British Horseracing are not being taken into account at all. In perspective vital to the Rules of British Horseracing  Bloodhorse Literacy at the top table? Where is it? It does not exist. How can this ever be considered fair and right?


The sport and rules of Cricket apply to how the game is played out on the Cricket Pitch. British Cricket Rules are not changed daily to suit a Cricket Audience. A cricket audience learns what the true  Worldwide Cricket Rules are. So as they can read the match, any match for themselves as it unfolds.


The sport and rules of Tennis apply to how the game is played out on the Tennis Court.  British Tennis Rules are not changed daily to suit a Tennis Audience. A Tennis audience learns what the true Worldwide Tennis Rules are. So as they can read the match, any match for themselves as it unfolds.


The Sport and Rules of Football apply to how the game is played out on the Football Pitch.  British Football Rules are not changed daily to suit a Football Audience. A Football Audience learns what the true Worldwide Football Rules are. So as they can read the match, any match for themselves as it unfolds.


The Sport and Rules of British Horseracing apply, or should apply to how a Race pans out to be, out on the Racecourse. BHA British Horseracing  Rules are very close indeed to being changed daily to suit a Racecourse Audience. At present in Britain, that a dangerous situation such as this applies is totally terrifying.


Racecourse Audiences and Punters Worldwide are being denied and confused by the British BHA Bloodhorse Illiterate British government authorities who refuse to allow, and continue on to refuse and deny, clear fair true Bloodhorse Literate Rules to apply here in Britain. So as they can read a race as it unfolds, any race as it unfolds, for themselves. 

True Clear Worldwide Horseracing Rules do not exist because the British BHA Powers that be, refuse to carry out their regulation accurately intune with bloodhorse literacy, the lives of the horses do matter , the horses daily rights and needs do matter. 


However the Worldwide Rules of Horseracing to date in Britain are in such a state of confused muddle British jockey’s aren’t even allowed to know what the British Horseracing Whip Rules actually are. they can never apply because they are bloodhorse illiterate rules. There can never be a more pressing rule to get right than Whip issues. You do not keep hitting racehorses either at home in training, or on the racecourse. If racehorses are prepared properly at home they do not need hitting  continually with any whip on any racecourse. The question is how can British trainers train their horses properly when they are ordered by the BHA government to employ superstore shelf stackers to come in part time to ride out owners thoroughbred racehorses in training, to be paid the minimum wage. Desperate highly dangerous, murderous advice I must say.


 A shocking predicament if ever there was one, defies all belief. British jockey’s who go out to ride a race, any race, fully aware that they may loose their life out on that racetrack.
Ricky Tomlinson on his real life drama, clearing his name


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