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BHA  Confirms Butler charges are imminent By Graham Green
"The BHA yesterday confirmed Newmarket trainer Gerard Butler will shortly be facing charges as a prelude to a case that raises the spectre of a fresh doping scandal overshadowing  racing's landscape at the height of the Flat season.

"In April Butler confessed to using the drug Sungate, which contains stanozolol, an anabolic steroid not authorised for veterinary use in the UK and at the heart of the doping scandal that rocked racing and led to trainer Mahmood Al Zarooni being banned for eight years.
"However, Butler, who won the Coral-Eclipse with Compton Admiral in 1999, said he used the drug in the belief it was an accepted remedy that had been widely prescribed to more than 100 horses by vets in Newmarket.
"He added that the treatment had been entered in the medical records of the gelding Little Black Book, who won on his second start back after receiving the treatment in August last year, but provoked no response from the regulator until he got a visit from drug-testers in February who sampled his horses.


"At the time Butler, whose understanding of Sungate was that it helped horses with soundness issues, joints and knee problems, admitted having made a "an unpardonable misjudgement, purely to cut corners in what is a very expensive treatment", and said he was "terrified" of suffering the same fate as Al Zarooni.
BHA chief executive Paul Bittar (Australian) In Australia anabolic steroids are widely used as a racehorse 'medication'  not termed a ' dope drug', as BHA band about in Britain condemning innocent people, libel and slandering innocent people to be racehorse dopers, when they are nothing of the sort. BHA terrorizing trainers and veterinaries dishonestly.
"Bittar last month revealed that more trainers were being investigated for use of anabolic steroids off the back of Al Zarooni and Butler's claims, but it is understood so far only three horses outside Butler's stable have been found to have been treated with Sungate over the past six months.


"The probe has been hampered by the refusal of the veterinary practice concerned to co-operate, but it is believed a number of other Newmarket trainers can expect to be charged once the investigation is completed, although it is not thought their offences are as serious as Butler's and could be settled by paying fines.
Strange that all of a sudden an eight year ban burdened upon one trainer (Al Zarooni) is to be suddenly changed for other trainers to a fine..... or fines.
BHA spokesman Robin Mounsey said: "The BHA can confirm it is likely that charges will be brought against Gerard Butler within the next few days.
"Further to our update on May 17, the wider investigation into the use of Sungate in other yards continues.

"The BHA is currently gathering all relevant information in order to establish the extent of the use of the product, which has included interviews with several trainers. This information will determine how we will proceed with this investigation."
"Butler said yesterday: "I have no response to the charges and don't know what they are yet. I stand by my original statement that I do think the use is widespread."
Butler as Al Zarooni was treating the racehorses placed in his care by owners, using what he believed to be an effective medication for lame racehorses suffering injured joints.
Strange how swiftly the BHA acted over the Al Zarooni issue, when normally it takes the BHA years and years to get round to doing anything at all, about anything. Whilst they expect everyone else to jump too it with immediate effect, for peanuts.  Which is found to be the same way that politicians and lawyers stall, stall and continue to stall most things, with of course the added bonus of the longer things take the better their financial reward. The question is, are the great and the good, all that we are led to believe they are? Or are they the very ones who are guilty of Ripping the People and the Animal Kingdom in Britain off every single day of the week, big time.?




McCririck: losing C4 job has been very hard.  By Bill Barber

"FORMER Channel 4 Racing pundit John McCririck yesterday spoke of the toll that losing his job with the broadcaster had taken upon himself and the demand for his services.
"McCririck has launched a £3 million age discrimination claim consisting of £2.5 million in punitive damages from Channel 4 and IMG Sports Media, who have taken over the broadcaster's racing coverage, and claiming £500,000 in basic compensation.


"Asked what effect the split with Channel 4 had had on him, McCririck, speaking outside the hearing at the London Central Employment Tribunal, said "Very hard. You lose your purpose in life.
"I've worked all my life, I've never missed a day's work in my life. I've never been late for a job in my life. You live to work."
"He added: "It has been really stressful and it takes it out of you ."
"McCririck, 73, claimed he was now "unemployable".

"He added: "I'm not doing any work now. I do odd little bits and pieces but there's no work coming in.
"In fairness, I have done CelebrityWeddingPlanner, which is a thing on Channel 5 that was booked last year before I was sacked, but I am not doing any work now."
"McCririck has been earning around £150,000 from Channel 4 in 2001, a sum that increased in line with inflation until 2006 when it was cut to £90,000. He said he would stop the action if he got his job back.
"He added "I'm not worried about the money, I'm not in it for the money. All I want is my job back the case will cease straight away.

"I want everyone to know that this can be stopped, that's the only ambition I've got in life. Not to get back on television or anything like that, it is to make a mark for anyone who fears for their job, the scourge of our society among older people. It won't happen to them because no-one would dare do it,"
"The broadcaster denies McCririck was discriminated against because of his age. McCririck says Channel 4 is now claiming he was not employed by station at the time but was working as a freelance.
"The hearing heard evidence from Channel 4's director of creative diversity Stuart Cosgrove, who said McCririck himself had been "candid" and had "divided opinion".
"Asked whether Channel 4 had been content that McCririck had been the face of the channel's racing coverage, he replied: "I would not conclude that, no."
"Yesterday the pre-hearing review continued to hear arguments about whether McCririck was in fact employed by Channel 4. After closing submissions Judge Anthony Snelson reserved judgement, before a decision is made on whether the case goes to a full tribunal.

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