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Rip -Off -Britain

British political and equine disaster zone 


McCririck loses discrimination case against C4.

McCririck's claim taken out of perspective and context
 by the Central London Employment Tribunal resulting in a false unjust result.

 Graham Green Reports for the Racing Post

"The door was firmly slammed on John McCririck ever returning to Channel 4 screens yesterday when Britain's highest-profile racing pundit lost his £3 million age discrimination claim against the broadcaster after a tribunal ruled he was "unpalatable to a potential wider audience" .
"McCririck , 73 has claimed he was axed after almost three decades with Channel 4 last December by "anonymous suits and skirts" as part of a drive to recruit  younger faces'
"However, he was last night facing up to  heavy financial costs of loosing the case after a Central London Employment Tribunal ruled against him.
"McCririck, who claims he borrowed against the value of his London home to finance the legal battle, took his former employer and IGM Media, producers of Channel 4's racing output following the network's acquisition  of the sport's terrestrial television rights, to the tribunal alleging his sacking was motivated by age discrimination.
"But in its judgement, published on the website, the panel said:  "All the evidence is that Mr McCririck's pantomime persona, as demonstrated on the celebrity television appearances, and his persona  when appearing on Channel 4 Racing, together with his self described bigoted  and male chauvinist views, were clearly unpalatable to a wider audience.
"The tribunal is satisfied that the respondent had the legitimate aim of attracting a wider audience to horseracing. "
"The tribunal's decision a  "historic setback for all employees in their 30's to their 70's" .
"He said : "After such a landmark judicial verdict, my failed legal action  ensures anonymous suits and skirts, who control the media, numerous other businesses and the public sector, will now enjoy complete freedom to replace older employees whatever their unimpaired ability and merit" .

McCririck  'studying judgement in detail' after losing £3m case. "

David Ashforth for the Racing Post

"Predictable winner not immune from criticism. " 
"THE employment tribunal's decision  was entirely predictable, both in the panel's rejection of John McCririck' claim of age discrimination and in its criticism of some Channel 4 executives and their handling of the situation.
"McCririck  was ably represented by Jennifer Eady QC, but she had insufficient material to work with. There was no substantive  evidence the decision to dispense with 'Big Mac' was based on his age.
"Channel 4 and IGM, the new producers of Channel 4 Racing, insisted that it was McCririck's persona, made increasingly unpalatable by his appearances on reality television shows, that persuaded them not to retain him. The tribunal  accepted that this was the case.
"When giving evidence McCririck did not help his cause by trumpeting his alienating views on women. Having watched his television appearances, the panel, unsurprisingly, found that "He comes over as overbearing and sexist" .
"The tribunal found "no pattern of age discrimination" by Channel 4  but
Mc Cririck can take some comfort from merited criticisms of the broadcaster's practices and of individual executives.
"Judge Alison Lewzey and the two lay members of the tribunal found that
Mc Cririck had "not been handled with courtesy or respect " ,   and that there was a failure to engage with others removed from their previous roles, particularly Mike Cattermole and Alastair Down.
"Channel 4 did not follow best practice" , as evidenced by the failure to keep proper records of meetings and the absence of appropriate compulsory training related to employment law.
"Jamie Aitchison, a key commissioning editor who did not take up the voluntary training offered, was an unimpressive witness, described by the tribunal  as "week and found it difficult  to take and stand by decisions" .
"Jay Hunt, Channel 4's chief creative officer, came across as clever and articulate but the tribunal condemned as "disingenuous in the extreme" , Hunt's claim to have "apologised personally" to Miriam O'Reilly, who had successfully taken action for dismissal on the grounds of age, when the reference was merely to a comment in a later newspaper article.
"McCririck decisively lost the case and, viewed solely from the viewpoint of his chance of winning, he was ill-advised to have launched legal action.
"Yet, although Channel 4 has been vindicated, it has not emerged unscathed. At the least, they and other employers will need to make sure that their practices and procedures bear scrutiny.
David Ashforth.


J Margaret Clarke for Turfcall

'Big Mac's ' career has been to serve - Global Horseracing Punters who choose to follow the Gambling Game that Horseracing provides' .

'Big Mac's' lifetime career has been to guide punters in the right direction, those who choose to follow the Gambling Game that Global Horseracing provides. A highly necessary function due to the fact that it is estimated that on the global horseracing scale 95 per cent of all these people are 'bloodhorse illiterate' and do not belong in the true Equus Zone themselves. They all belong in the Punters Zone if they want to play.

THIS BRITISH LEGAL TRIBUNAL do not know what they are talking about therefore they are unfit to give any judgement such as this in the first place.
 THIS BRITISH LEGAL TRIBUNAL took 'Big Mac's' claim totally out of all perspective and context. What right does this British Legal Tribunal believe it has, to get away with being on such a panel as this in the first place? And how is it they hold a job in this department at all? Who gave them this job? They are totally out of any sort of a true lead here in a subject as this is..

John McCririck Global Punters' Zone Champion
'Big Mac's three decade career contribution to the Global Equus Sport of Live Horseracing relating and contributing directly to a massive  Punters Zone audience. A key audience  of  massive financial input in an area that brings horseracing alive for millions of people to enjoy and buy into every weekend.
 'Big Mac's' true career path perspective:

Firstly 'Big Mac' does not deserve to being treated like this.

Secondly: nobody who has served a three decade specialist career path deserves to be treated like this.

Thirdly: 'Big Mac's' achievements to date working with Channel 4 Horseracing Team Ongoing Live Over Three Decades. Has meant hard work, massive travelling all over the place, and presenting in all weather conditions.


Fourthly: Mac's loyalty factor  all taken for granted by the top table at Channel 4 . This behaviour by C4 cannot ever be acceptable to anyone, leave alone to Mac.

Fifthly: 'Big Mac' provides a sound guide to racehorse punting second to none. ' an historic record in his career subject second to none. The guidance he gives and provides to punters unique. Stands in its own right, sound info for all punters. Who can ever replace him?


 more later 


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