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The clues are here, but can you spot them?


Rodney Masters reports:
Racing Post Tuesday December 30 2014.Page 11.
“Fehily fits in Parlour Games before rushing to meet new arrival.

SHORTLY before going out to ride Parlour Games at Newbury yesterday jockey-of-the-moment Noel Fehily was given a message that his wife Natasha has gone into labour and was on her way to hospital. But, professional as ever, he kept his cool to net another Christmas Grade 1. Team (John) Ferguson.
“Fehily was partnering Parlour Games for the first time said: "This is a very good horse – quite special. He travels well and has loads of gears. A faster pace would have suited him and he’ll be even better on good ground. “
JMC: Noel Fehily when winning the Grade 1 King George on Boxing Day partnering Silviniaco Conti, for Team (Paul) Nicholls, showed well his hurry- up- ask- tactic using his whip without ever touching or hitting Silviniaco Conti, a communicate tool to Silviniaco Conti his urgent need to keep going to win this race. A good tactic to use the whip this way just swinging the whip to and fro along Silviniaco Conti's side in rhythm with Silviniaco Conti stride. You can notice Frankie Dettori uses this tactic often as well. We may see this skilled art tactic used more often perhaps now.
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 Turfcall Factfile
Lewis Porteous brings news,  Tuesday December 30, Racing Post Page 7
“Today racing tips a non- runner after guest editor King’s veto. "
Pic: "The former Bank of England governor Mervyn King “didn’t want to encourage people to spend money betting”
“FORMER Bank of England governor Mervyn King yesterday caused disgruntlement among regular listeners of BBC Radio 4’s popular Today program when refusing to allow sport correspondent Rob Bonnet to reveal the day’s tips, which have been a sports desk feature since the late 1970’s.
“King, Bank of England supremo from 2003 to 2013, was guest editor on the show and intervened live on air to prevent Bonnet revealing two selections from Newbury provided by the BBC’s racing correspondent Cornelius Lysaght-one of which was later reported by Lysaght to have won. 

Mervyn Allister King, Baron King of Lothbury, KG GBE FBA (born 30 March 1948) was the Governor of the Bank of England and Chairman of its Monetary Policy Committee from 2003 to 2013. He had been Deputy Governor from 1998 to 2003, Chief Economist and Executive Director from 1991, and a non-executive director of the Bank from 1990 to 1991.[2]http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mervyn_King_(economist)

 Government had no business to use hard working taxpayer’s money to bale out the banks. Decent hardworking people trapped in the government’s minimum wage scam, ripped off  by the government, and then ripped off again by the bankers. This is unacceptable, no way can it ever be acceptable either.  Mervyn King is an imposter he needs to be called to account, so as the true reason behind his dodgy dealing is revealed to all taxpayers and to all politicians, and to all bankers and  before the next General Election. King shows us here what his evil attitude is.  He is not the only one with this sick attitude either not by a long chalk.
“Bonnett got no further than saying ‘racing update for you’ when King stepped in, saying : “The editor is intervening here, we’re not going to have any tips, we don’t want to encourage people to spend their money betting. “
“Bonnett eventually managed to update listeners on the outcome of the morning inspections, but the tips were redundant. He added: “Apologies to Cornelious Lysaght – who very specially phoned in some tips for today, but they’ve been banned by the editor. “
“The selections are usually provided by former rider-turned-broadcaster Luke Harvey, but with his tips scheduled for the abandoned Southwell meeting , Lysaght had provided two replacement selections at Newbury.
“Lysaght said: ”The feeling on Twitter was that it was perhaps a bit rich of Mervyn King, who earlier in the program had raised eyebrows by saying that part of the financial crisis was fun.
“I think people might be taken aback he wasn’t keen on people having a little bit of genuine fun with a couple of tips. People don’t have millions on, it’s just a fun part of the morning for lots of people. “
“Following the success of Harry Fry-trained Polamco at Newbury, Lysaght tweeted: “Listeners to Today missed a 13-2 winner (Polamco) when guest editor Lord King banned the tips; the other selection was 3rd . “
“Two years ago the Radio 4 show’s producers invited its seven million listeners to decide whether the selections should be axed. Following intense lobbying by Racing For Change, an on line and Twitter pole voted for their retention by a factor of around four to one.
“Lysaght added: “People like to have a smile and laugh over the tips. It’s an institution as far as that particular programme  is concerned and the thought it could in any way be seen as encouraging people to gamble I think  most people would think was pretty ridiculous.
“It’s fun and fantastic for racing because every morning one or two racing venues get a mention on a programme where there is a massive number of people listening. It’s a massive shop window.

Why hasn't Mervyn Allister King, Baron King of Lothbury, been arrested pending trial, like going through the procedures that were followed and burdened upon Kieren Fallon? To include many other horsemen who have been abused and wrongly punished, their lives broken and trashed, because they respect racehorses needs and rights. Far to many to list here.

Edward Alan John George, Baron George, GBE, PC, DL (16 September 1938 – 18 April 2009[1]), known as Eddie George, or "Steady Eddie", was Governor of the Bank of England from 1993 to  2003[1] and sat on the board of Rothschild.
(born 16 September 1938 – deceased 18 April 2009)http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Edward_George,_Baron_George 

 Robert "Robin" Leigh-Pemberton, Baron Kingsdown, KG PC (5 January 1927 – 24 November 2013) was a British Peer and banker, who served as Governor of the Bank of England from 1983 to 19931]

(born 5 January 1927 - deceased 24 November 2013)


Gordon William Humphreys Richardson, Baron Richardson of Duntisbourne, KG, MBE, TD, PC, DL (25 November 1915 – 22 January 2010) was a British banker, former lawyer, and former Governor of the Bank of England.[1]


Leslie Kenneth O'Brien, Baron O'Brien of Lothbury, GBE, PC, 1995) was Governor of the Bank of England. From 1966 -  1973
(born 8 February 1908 - deceased 24 November 1995)

 Wondering when, where and how it all went pear shaped? And how often?  A splash of Jimmy Savile?

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