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Dubai World Cup
Saturday March 28, 2015

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"Horse racing is an equestrian sport, involving two or more jockeys riding horses over a set distance for competition. It is one of the most ancient of all sports and its basic premise - to identify which of two or more horses is the fastest over a set course or distance - has remained unchanged since the earliest times.[1] " .

"While horses are sometimes raced purely for sport, a major part of horse racing's interest and economic importance lies in the gambling associated with it,[2] an activity that in 2008 generated a world-wide market worth around US$115 billion.[3] " .


"Work to be done for racing right to fit all parties."
Bill Barber Industry editor Friday February 13, 2015.
“THE government’s document on a “horseracing betting right”  which was published last week will have made pleasant reading for the BHA.
“It  encapsulates much of the government body’s thinking on the funding of the sport and set it out as government body’s thinking on the funding of the sport and set it out as government policy, as well as proclaiming racings importance as a sport, culturally and economically .
“So, set out among the policy objectives was the government’s statement the racing right is something specific to racing and not a “precedent setter” for other sports to come and wet their beak.

“Also, it made clear in no mean terms that the status quo could not remain, with the levy system described as “manifestly unfair” allowing offshore remote operators to benefit from the sport without paying their way. There was also a rejection of the argument that media rights and sponsorship could form a funding mechanism.
“Racing believes the betting industry has three main fears over a racing right as a way of replacing the levy system- one of them being it would open the door to a more general sports betting right.
“As already mentioned, the current government has said that will not be the case and that it is consulting on a racing-specific solution to a racing-specific problem.

“However, while there has been impressive cross-party support for racing’s push for a levy replacement, the Labour Party last summer said it would examine a more general betting levy to support grassroots sport and also go towards tackling problem gambling.

“The second fear of the industry is over VAT, which does not apply to the levy system as it stands but which could add 20 per cent to the cost for bookmakers were it to be applied to a new system.
“The consultation document makes it appear the government is confident that will not be the case- “we believe that payments made under any of the authorisation schemes would be unlikely to attract VAT, “is ultimately a matter for HMRC” .
“That has rung alarm bells for betting industry analyst Warwick Bartlett, who said in reaction to the consultation: “If you are going to change an entire system you need to be sure and an unequivocal statement in writing from Treasury should be sought before proceeding. “
“While allaying those two fears is ultimately in the hands of the government, the third betting industry concern is racing would abuse its monopoly position. There will  no doubt be some within the sport who would like to squeeze betting until the pips squeak. However, there is a recognition elsewhere that the sport needs to avoid a Pyrrhic victory.
“Should racing set its price too high the main industry to suffer would be racing. The success of a racing right will depend on racing’s attractiveness as a betting product. Set the price too high and there is a disincentive to bet on the sport.

“It will be an area where new chief executive Nick Rust’s experience in the betting industry will come into play.
“There are plenty of other questions to answer, not least what the body which would authorise the right to be will look like.
“The first question the consultation asks is should the racing right be vested in racecourses or a single racing authority? However, it makes clear that racecourses holding the power is not being proposed and that a racing body is the preferred option.
“The BHA is not proposing the authority should be itself, and the industry’s previous submissions have proposed a body made up of the BHA, horsemen and racecourses. But with racecourses holding much of the commercial rights, discussions between the three should be interesting. *****

“888 may add up for Hills
“WHEN  the point of consumption tax was introduced there was an expectation among gambling industry analysts the market would consolidate . However, the confirmation of William Hill’s
            approach for 888 this week caught many by surprise, with the view being that Hill’s motivation is less because of the tax and more to do with 888’s technology and the opportunity for the bookmakers to reduce their reliance on online betting and gaming software company Playtech.“Previous attempts to buy 888 have failed, most recently when Ladbrokes chief executive Richard Glynn walked away from a deal in a disagreement over price-a decision for which he was criticised.

“Price may be an issue for Hills chief executive James Henderson as well in a deal estimated at £750 million. Hills have reportedly offered 210p a share, but major 888 stakeholders are said to be holding out for 300p. However, given the strength of Hill’s online operation compared to Ladbrokes, Henderson is not under the same pressure to make a deal as was Glynn. “
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J Margaret Clarke Turfcall Factfile
BBC1 Breakfast
Jules Wyman Life Coach

 The Lost Gardens of Heligan, 75 years in The Wilderness.

All the gardeners’ were marched off to fight in World War 1, never to return. 

JMC: A reminder to all male politicians and all male lawyers worldwide:
British Racing Right Who’s?
The term “Racing Right” puts a different perspective on the whole issue of British Horseracing and how it is, and has been trashed by government. Supposedly we are told to be used by British government to wager a government deal to place a “New Levy in 2015”, to replace the “Old Levy still in place left over since 1960” upon all bookmakers. It appears that government’s negligent abusive perception of how horseracing needs to be run, that the “Old Levy” has remained in practice over all this time. Government have abused the thinking that the “Old Levy deserves to be updated, or improving until now.” Why?
The government’s term of what now they assume to be a “Racing Right Levy” should have applied, since 1960 and on throughout to date as a “Racing Right Equus Zone Levy” that should have applied, but didn’t due to the fact that British horseracing government over the last 60 years don’t bother to allow, or even recognise a true “Racing Right Equus Zone”. Or a true “Racing Right Medication Zone”.  Or a true “Racehorse Racing Right Racecourse Safety  Zone”. Or true “Racing Right Rules of  Horseracing Zone” . Or a true Racing Right Bloodhorse Literate Licensing Zone” . Or a true “Bloodhorse Literate Racing Right Disciplinary Zone “ . *The British government have also managed to form what they term to be “A Horsemen’s Group” without any true horsemen in it. Now what would British government be wanting to dishonestly form such a group as this for?
Bill Barber puts it like this: “It will be an area where new chief executive Nick Rust’s experience in the betting industry will come into play. 

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       Naga Munchetty talks to The Rt Hon Ian Duncan Smith

How do human rights apply here?
How do human rights apply here?   
How Universal Credit in theory, is working out
  in Universal Credit in practice?
How do human rights apply here?
Government's Dishonest Minimum Wage Trap
How do human rights apply here?

Human Rights Female?
There is clearly a huge difference in the human rights of females due to the fact that they are the ones who carry and give birth to the babies.

Human Rights Male?

 Human Rights Government?

Human Rights of Racehorses in Training?

Human Rights of Dogs? Human Rights of Cats?

Human Rights of Fish? Human Rights of Birds?

Human Rights in fact at present are only functioning at the bare scant cruel minimum in the world we live in today.

Every person, every racehorse in training,  all living creatures are equipt with a physical and mental capacity. Both can suffer breakdown physically and mentally. That the mental side is historically scorned and misunderstood  so badly, tricky. People living in a wrong environment with wrong people  can cause a person mental stress the same as a person plunged into extreme hardship witnessing and surrounded by bad issues can end up finding themselves in a dark depressing place. Working too hard, and not getting much sleep can also trigger mental hardship. All war torn counties ignore Human Rights completely.



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