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 JMC:  We do not want our little babies having to experience
  the terror of war,  anytime in their lives.
We come into this world fragile and helpless.
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Many of us leave this world fragile and helpless.
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Government Power Abuse Hits Dairy Farmers
Dairy farmers call for supermarkets boycott as milk price falls · 13 hours ago


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Jon Lees brings news:
Racing Post August 5, 2015. Page 6
“We have to make staff feel more valued –

NTF chief: "
Pic Rupert Arnold: “Careers need to be developed” .
JMC: Bloodhorse Literate Careers need to be developed.
Arnold: “One of the key aims of the Racing Foundation – funded initiative to help keep stable staff in the racing industry is to make the workforce feel valued through continuous training and career development. National Trainers Federation chief executive Rupert Arnold said yesterday.”
Arnold: “The foundation has pledged £1 million over three years to support a government BHA-led program of initiatives designed to address recruitment pressures and ensure staffing is at a level that can sustain the target of 1,000 extra horses in training by 2020. "
JMC: It remains unclear if this means £1million pounds each year, over the next three years = £3,000million. Or £1million pounds shared out each year ongoing over the next three years = £1 million. The first thing that all zones of government needs to understand is to be honest with people. Trainers Teams are not Stud FarmTeams. British government over the last seven decades have not been honest with what they term to be their “Multi Billion Pound British Horseracing Industry” the cause behind this present Red Alert  Bloodhorse Literate Desperate Need Crisis.
Arnold: “A special report by the Racing Post last month revealed the staffing shortfall at crisis level, with at least 500: 1,000: unfilled vacancies, and trainers likely to continue to experience shortages in the short term. JMC: But what sort of shortage exactly? Does government know or understand anything at all about exactly what sort of shortage crisis this is? Or is it that the bloodhorse illiterate male government just couldn't care less, as long as the money earned by other people every day, money that belongs to other people, still keeps falling neatly into their "Multi billion pound horseracing industry satchel? Just the same as it has always done over the last seven decades.
Arnold: “However, the extra funding, secured through the early late payment of proceeds of the sale of the Tote, will enable a key part of the government BHA-led Participant Welfare and Training Pillar of the Strategy for Growth to be put into action in areas where financial assistance was not previously available. JMC: The government  acquired the Tote after lengthy legal delay for themselves.  The Tote was founded by true bloodhorse literate horsemen, as a way to plough punters money back into the sport. The Tote belongs, and has always belonged to the true bloodhorse literate horseman. Acquired fraudulently by government, to suit only government, at the expense of the horsemen.   
“Arnold said : “It’s a very significant sum of money and it will help to get some of these initiatives moving. Some of these have been talked about before but never actioned. This money is going to make sure we are able to put them into effect.  JMC: Who is them exactly? There is a big difference between £1million and £3 million. Does this mean the true bloodhorse literate horsemen get £1million divided by 3 ongoing over 3 years? With the bloodhorse illiterate Nick Rust's getting the £2million?
Arnold: “Primarily this is about more members of the workforce undertaking training that develops their careers rather than it all being done at the under- 19 level and nobody doing very much after that. JMC: This is all about colluded government zone fraud, left ongoing over the last seven decades. Plus, add on collusion within government zones who manipulate a formula acting to deprive other people of the true value of their daily work and worth. 
Arnold: “It’s about creating a career and an environment in racing that helps people to feel valued and belief the industry is looking after them and has their interests in mind in terms of career development and job opportunities.” JMC: No one can ever feel valued if caught up fraudulently in government zones "Minimum Wage Scams. "
Arnold: “The British Racing School, Northern Racing College, Jets, Racing Welfare and the Wavertree Charitable Trust (National Stud) have been engaged to deliver careers advice and training, which the NTF’s charitable trust has provided funding for, plus personal development programmes that will also be extended to professional jockey’s.

Arnold: “Trainer Kim Bailey believes recruiting should be focused on emphasising the positive aspects of working in the industry. He said: “The money is a huge help but this is a problem that’s been going on for an awful long time. JMC: Yes, like seven decades of awful long time.
JMC: BRITISH licensed true bloodhorse literate trainers have always needed top professional bloodhorse literate handler- riders of the highest calibre, to make up their teams. Especially if they have a significant number of yearlings and two year old starters in each year, between 50 to a 100 and over. What hourly fee should bloodhorse literate trainer team handler-riders of this calibre be earning? Government’s dishonest Minimum Wage £7.00 per hour? £50.00 an hour? £75.00 an hour? £100.00 per hour. £200.00 an hour? Where does a trainer go to employ 25 true bloodhorse literate handler- rider's of this calibre to make up his team  at this time of year ? Or if a trainer uses an outside horseman to tutor the yearlings to start them off. There is still a massive amount of learning to do for a yearling- two-year-old once back in training.
“Arnold: People are lucky to be working with animals outside. It’s a healthy way of life. The long - term problem is when they get married they suddenly find work at weekends is a down side and Sunday racing hasn’t helped with that. But then that’s the case in a lot of industries.  JMC: Are they lucky to be being ripped - off every day?
 Arnold: “Racing has so much to offer, it’s trying to encourage people to come into it.” Not with the present bloodhorse illiterate political and horseracing government; not under the government’s fraudulent banner title “Stud and Stable Staff Minimum, Living, National Scam Wage Trap. “
“Arnold: The Racing Foundation grant is separate to the budget the government BHA allocated to career marketing, which included £43,000 towards ‘careers in racing’ promotions.”
JMC: Government Foundation needs to come clean over career and wage structure. In the dark old days not so long ago people were not allowed time of, or holidays. A sinister evil government cruelty. Everyone deserves days off and holidays to refresh.


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