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Chester Vase reaction

By Betting
There were differing Derby quotes from the bookies following Ruler Of The World's easy win. BetVictor cut the colt to 12-1 (from 20) for the Epsom Classic, Boylesports went 10-1 (from 20), with Paddy Power a good deal shorter at 6-1 (from 20). (17 hours ago)
  • Chester May meeting

    CHESTER: Ruler on top of the world in Vase

    By David Baxter
    RULER OF THE WORLD can now bid to follow in the famous hoofprints of Shergar as the colt gave trainer Aidan O'Brien his third winner of the Chester Vase in the last five seasons with an impressive performance. (17 hours ago)More

  • HUXLEY: Danadana delivers for Fallon

    By James Pugh
    DANADANA came from the clouds to collar his rivals in the Huxley Stakes under another masterful ride from Kieren Fallon. (17 hours ago)More
    Editor Comments

    Going change: Chester

    By Vicki Gloak
    The going is now Good, having been Good to Firm (watered) at the start of day two of the May meeting. (17 hours ago)


    “Need to read between Bolger’s witty lines"

    “ WHAT sort of man is this Jim Bolger? A man who came from outside racing to prove himself one of the finest trainers of the modern era, no doubt.
    “And a man who has done so on his own terms whether they relate to manners, social habits or how to do business when some of the richest men in the world come calling hoping to buy a stable star.

    “But it has taken longer than it should have done for most of us to realise one very important thing about Bolger:  he has a wit to match his wisdom”.

    JMC Turfcall Comment
    JIM, has himself learned the language of  Equus, he has achieved bloodhorse literacy in his own right at the highest level. It was noticed when Nick Luck took CH4 Morning Line viewers to meet up with Jim and DAWN APPROACH at home in Ireland. And again it could be noticed when CH4 Morning Line Emma Spencer took viewers to meet up with DAWN APPROACH in his loosebox at the Newmarket Racecourse Stables (am)  on 2,000 Guineas Day last Saturday. And again in the afternoon when DAWN APPROACH came down to compete, to win the 2,000 Guineas partnered by KEVIN MANNING. A light that shines through DAWN APPROACH to highly compliment all those who work with this horse every single day. Key also that KEVIN MANNING rides DAWN APPROACH out nearly every day as well at home. KEVIN has helped DAWN APPROACH, to achieve greatness., gradually every day. We were all highly privileged to watch the results of all that highly skilled work.

    We are led to believe that in the first 4 years of a child’s life that child learns more than at any other time though that child’s lifetime.  That same light can sometimes also shine through a child, naturally complimenting the parents. That same light can also be seen shining through the relationship that Joseph O’Brien has with his father, Aidan O’Brien and also with the racehorses he partners.
    It could also be said that if Aidan O'Brien became RULER OF THE WORLD this world and all the people in it would have a vastly improved lifestyle than the one we are all struggling to live through at present. The basic principles of all life are remarkably simple. 

    “Clegg’s appointment the latest intriguing twist in doping case”.

    “IF IT weren’t so serious you would be tempted to laugh out loud. Mahmood Al Zarooni admits to doping 15 Godolphin horses, then stands his lawyer down and cops an eight-year ban at a hastily convened hearing before returning to Dubai and reaching out to his Facebook friends to canvas opinion on the merits of appealing.

    “I would have paid good money to hear the response from Godolphin and BHA bosses when the appeal was launched late on Tuesday.

    “It should come as no surprise to learn Zarooni does intend to be legally represented this time. But by far the most intriguing new twist in the steroids scandal relates to the news that Zarooni’s new brief will be William ‘Bill’ Clegg QC.

    “Perhaps Zarooni happened upon Clegg on the cab-rank principle that obliges a barrister to accept any client irrespective of the nature of the case provided he is qualified in the relevant area.

    “Or maybe the pair have combined because Clegg and others in his practice feels there are aspects of the case which interest them.

    “However the alliance was formed, a little research reveals Clegg is no ordinary legal eagle.

    “The latest Zarooni bulletin came late in the day and most reports nosed on the fact that Clegg conducted Barry George’s successful appeal on a charge of killing Jill Dando.

    “However, colleague Nick Godfrey yesterday outlined his leading role in numerous other controversial cases and some reports suggest he was also poised to lead the defence of Slobodan Milosevic until the Serbian dictator opted to represent himself.

    Clegg has clearly come a long way since being seduced by the law watching episodes of Perry Mason on television as a teenager and a well- placed legal insider described him as “a top-drawer QC from a top draw chambers”.

    “He added: Clegg is a money-no-object appointment whose retainer will be thousands of pounds every day and it seems likely this client has come recommended to him”.

    “The fact Zarooni is appealing solely against the severity of his ban as apposed to the verdict itself sets this case apart from assorted miscarriage of justice cases Clegg has made his name on.

    “But his presence at Zarooni’s side and the possibility of new evidence being revealed is fascinating.

    “The window of information into this explosive case- which was narrowing even before the sheikh turned away from Clare Balding last Saturday –might suddenly have become considerably wider.”
    Nicholas Godfrey tries to make sense of a remarkable story
    (Racing Post Thursday May 9th 2013)
    Pic “The sheikh’s terse dismissal of Clare Balding’s polite, legitimate inquiry won’t have won any new fans
    “Is this one disgruntled man or does he genuinely feel hard done by?
    That Al Zarooni and Sheikh Mohammed are attempting to live through at the moment.
    JMC Turfcall Comment
    Al Zarooni of course feels genuinely hard done by, why wouldn't he?  Just as Christophe Soumillon felt hard done by on October 15th 2011 at Ascot on the very first Qipco British Champions Day. If the BHA had not backed off and admitted they got it wrong, as they did and handed Soumillon back the £52,000. Now if the BHA care anything at all about British,and Global racing they have to own up and back down again here, now, over this one.

    Jockey Soumillon docked £50,000 Ascot prize in whip row

    Belgian jockey Christophe Soumillon has lost about £50,000 in prize money and been given a five-day ban for flouting the new whip rules.
    The BHA have made another dreadful blundering Bloodhorse Illiterate Error here, again sacrificing other peoples lives whilst they are at it. No, no, no  the BHA cannot be allowed to get away with this one either.
    Christophe Soumillon spoke up quite rightly after he suffered the BHA’s Bloodhorse Illiterate Whip Scam, saying he was going to get the best lawyer and fight this through the courts. He didn’t need to in the end. What has blown up now, here, so nearly blew up then in 2011.
     When are the BHA going to get around to providing a true Bloodhorse Literate Whip Review and when do they intend to provide New British Bloodhorse Literate Whip Rules? In 20 years time? How are riders expected to use the whip in the mean time, is anyone allowed to know?
    All punters have the right to know what the true Bloodhorse Literate Whip Rules are. So how is it that over the last 19 months they have been denied this key info?
    “IN THE world of corporate responsibility, there is only one place the buck stops. So for all that Sheikh Mohammed disavowed any direct knowledge of the Mahmood Al Zarooni steroids scandal, the man at the top was painfully aware that ultimate responsibility rested first with Godolphin – and, by extension, the sheikh himself.
    “Presumably that’s why, despite the culprit being identified as a rogue trainer, it was freely admitted so much work had to be done to repair the tarnished reputation of the sheikh’s own personal stable, which is so closely associated with the state of Dubai itself.
    “Yet any hopes that Al Zarooni’s swift admission of guilt followed by accelerated inquiry and sentencing procedures would draw a line under a sordid affair have been scuppered by the trainer’s appeal. Al Zarooni has not gone gently into that good night as most of us forecast, and many doubtless hoped.
    What then is to be made of this latest extraordinary twist in a remarkable story? What does Al Zarooni think will be different if his ban is reduced from eight years to, say, five? He is still finished either way. IS HE?
    “Is this simply one disgruntled individual with nothing left to loose simply chancing his arm, NO
     or does Al Zarooni  genuinely feel hard done by? YES.
    “Or are their  wider interpretations offering potential seismic consequences given Sheikh Mohammed’s obvious displeasure  at being asked about the BHS’s handling of the case on
    Channel 4?
    “Al Zarooni’s move begs all sorts of questions. He stated he had been advised to appeal. By whom and on what grounds?  Not his former employers, according to Godolphin racing manager Simon Crisford, who said: “This is a matter between Mahmood Al Zarooni and the BHA. It has nothing whatsoever to do with Godolphin.” This is a matter relating to the Global use of anabolic steroids. In the context of pioneering for Global racing.
    “Eyebrows were raised at the apparent haste of the initial hearing: Unheard of practice.  Al Zarooni was indicted, tried and sentenced in the space of four days. Al Zarooni has been denied any and all justice to date. Even if BHA investigations are ongoing, it didn’t look far off summary justice, giving rise to suggestions it was perhaps just a trifle too convenient for all concerned. With the exception of Al Zarooni, the persona non grata.
    “Apart from mutterings of conspiracy theorists with no firm basis for their accusations, Sheikh Mohammed and Godolphin came out of the initial scandal with reputation dented but not irreparably holed beneath the waterline. There seemed a groundswell of sympathy towards the sheikh, whose family have propped up British racing for decades. Sheikh Mohammed, Godolphin and
    Al Zarooni are all innocent , caught up within the BHA's bloodhorse illiterate regulation proceedures as victims of circumstance within Global racing.
    “Yes, there was loss of face, but generally speaking Al Zarooni alone- crucially, not Sheikh Mohammed – was the recipient of public opprobrium. ......??????
    “With that in mind, suggestions the doping scandal might prompt the sheikh to downgrade his involvement in British racing seemed incongruous. Why, exactly? It wasn’t British racing that attempted to cheat; it was the sheikh’s own employee. Was it? British racing uncovered the crime, did they? Or have they uncovered their own crime? If you like; it wasn’t responsible for it. Wasn’t it?
    “However, has public opinion moved away from the sheikh? Moreover, has he already had enough of the inevitable fallout? While he is not a man used to answering questions he doesn’t want asked, his terse dismissal of Clare Balding’s polite, legitimate inquiry on TV won’t have won any new fans. Was the sheikh simply annoyed to be asked about a negative subject amid the euphoria of Dawn Approach’s victory, or was his refusal to discuss the matter an implicit criticism of the role of British racing’s ruler’s?
    “After all, Saeed Bin Suroor’s horses have now been tested – despite statements Al Zarooni was acting alone. Might the sheikh have taken offence? Could he even have scented a trace of the anti-Arab sentiment that pervaded the Maktoums’ early investment in British racing?
    “Judgement has been meted out,  he has made his feelings clear and ordered an internal inquiry at Godolphin. Yet still he is being asked questions he plainly deems impertinent. Is the sheikh’s patience on this subject worn out?
    “By extension, is there a chance that either he or his adsvisers could have anything to do with Al Zarooni’s decision to appeal? Maybe not explicitly, but would Al Zarooni risk further damaging his relationship with the sheikh by acting entirely on his own volition? Here there are more questions than answers.
    “Sheikh Mohammed is not used to being asked to explain himself, but neither has he ever shied away from the most difficult issues. Yet offered the chance to state his personal opinion to a receptive TV audience, he chose instead to walk away.
    “Perhaps the timing was inappropriate amid the euphoria of a smashing Guineas win for Dawn Approach, so maybe now would be a more suitable moment for another unequivocal statement.
    “In the circumstances, a message of support for British racing would be welcome. Why? Otherwise, it may be hard to avoid the inference that Skeikh Mohammed really isn’t satisfied with the manner in which the affair has been handled, giving rise to worries that his long-standing affection for British racing has soured. Which, as surely no-one needs telling, could have some pretty untoward consequences.” British horseracing has been soured,  ongoing over the last 5 decades running on the ignorance of bloodhorse illiteracy causing pain and suffering to countless people to include the horses. The BHA's debt to the bloodhorse literate is huge.
    This is not a doping scandal, this has never been a doping scandal. This is BHA dishonest working  practices in action scandal, upsides their dishonest bloodhorse illiterate Whip Review, burdened upon Christophe Soumillon on October 15th 2011.

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