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PETER SCARGILL REPORTS: "BHA announces hasty review into new rules after crisis meeting top jockey’s (from left) Richard Hughes,Ryan Moore, Frankie Dettori, Tony Mc Coy. Riders, chief Kevin Darley and trainer John Gosden head to their whips meeting with the BHA yesterday.”  Pic: Men on a mission

“THE BHA last night instigated  a hasty review of the controvercial  new whip rules and suggested that reforms could be ironed out by the end of the week, with jockeys’ leaders warning ‘time is pressing’ over the issue.

“The new rules, brought in last Monday (10.10.2011) after a ten- month consultation process, (under BHA’S Jamie Stier and Tim Morris) will be reviewed in a matter of days with the BHA review group ordered to report back by no later than Friday (21.10.2011)

“In the mean time, five more jockeys  fell foul of the beefed- up whip rules yesterday with Kieren Fox left contemplating his future after picking up a ten-day whip ban at Windsor, his second such penalty under the new regulations following a 15- day suspension at Salisbury last Monday.

“In a statement, the BHA said that “any changes to regulations must be carefully considered and subject to due process” and that the new rules would remain in place in the interim.

“The BHA added that it still endorsed the principles within the review and that the review group would need to speak relevant parties before making any further comments on the rules.

“The announcement comes after a delegation from the PJA, which featured chief executive Kevin Darley, leading riders Ryan Moore, Frankie Dettori, Tony McCoy, Richard Hughes and trainer John Gosden had met the BHA in High Holborn.

“After hearing the BHA response, Hughes, stated he would not ride again until the whip rules were reviewed after he had twice been suspended for hitting his mount six times in the final furlong, said that the group had welcomed the opportunity to speak about their concerns.

“We are all pleased that we were able to enter into a consultation process with the BHA today and it’s great that we had the chance to put our views across and to explain our feelings to them,” he said.

“My position has not changed and I won’t be riding under the current rules. We will all now wait to find out what the BHA says later this week.”

“After meeting for an hour and a half, the jockeys’ delegation left BHA headquarters at pace leaving Darley to answer questions about the meeting immediately afterwards.

“He said: “It’s fair to say the BHA board and the jockeys were trying to achieve the same objective. We’re trying to get rules in place that everybody’s comfortable with. It was good having a few jockeys there who put across the scenario of what it’s like to ride in a race.”

“DARLEY urged the BHA to make a decision as “time is pressing and added: “Amendments to the new rules that jockeys believe are workable need to be adopted very soon . As far as jockeys are concerned the current situation cannot continue and we have made it clear to the BHA. A resolution to this issue must be found.”

“ASKED if the jockeys could strike should the BHA fail to amend the rules to suit the riders, as has been mooted for Windsor and Pontefract yesterday the PJA chief executive added: “It’s too early to say about that.”

“DARLEY’S words come after another day when jockeys felt the wrath of the new rules with Adrian Nicholls and Joe Fanning – who said it was only his third ban in 22 years riding – Micky Fenton and Jack Quinlan all received bans alongside Fox. Fox partnered Push Me to finish second at Windsor but was found to have used his whip with excessive frequency by hitting his mount eight times. He will miss November 12th and November 14-24th and said “I’m riding out of love for the sport, but how can I carry on? I’ve got one kid already and another due on November 7th , and I’m earning nothing. After fuel and other expenses I earned  nearly £500 last month  which would barely insure the car. I can’t afford to do this job even without getting all these days.” END

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