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Racing Post Wednesday July 11th 2012
RP Jon Lees "Worcester race to be boycotted tonight by trainers.
"Handlers united in defiant stand on prize-money.

"WORCESTER is facing the embarrassment of having to stage a walkover at tonight's evening meeting when there is expected to be a mass withdrawal of runners by trainers from a novice hurdle in an extraordinary protest over prize-money.

"Top Jumps trainers including Nicky Henderson. Philip Hobbs, Jonjo O'Neill, Donald McCain, Alan King and David Pipe are among those said to be committed to supporting the boycott in an attempt to draw attention to what they claim are unacceptable prize-money levels.

"Protest organiser Charlie Mann, who  gave notice last week that the £3,000 Novices' Hurdle was a potential target for action because it was £900 below a tariff set by the Horsemen's Group, confirmed the boycott would go ahead after the track's management was unwilling to inject more funds. The plan is for 11 of the 12 declared

runners to be withdrawn, leaving a solitary runner.

Racing Post Thursday July 12th 2012
Lee Mottershead "BHA in threat to take action over boycott.
"The BHA last night sent out a thinly veiled warning to trainers as the sport's governing body let it be known that it would consider taking further disciplinary action against the Charlie Mann-led group whose boycott action resulted in yesterday's final race at Worcester being reduced to a walkover .....

Racing Post Saturday July 14th 2012

"Its a sorry state of affairs when trainers' become so frustrated and angry that they feel the need to boycott a race in Britain. That's what happened on Wednesday (11.07.2012) and the trainers who got together and took action were absolutely right to do what they did.

"What we saw at Worcester was racing professionals taking a stand. It was a welcome move but I don't think it is as far as we should be going. We need to be radical, and as a result of the pathetic, shameful prize money some racecourses offer we have to think hard about how the jockey's and trainers' championships are determined.

Racing Post Thursday July 19th 2012

"Industry Editor Bill Barber talks to the Horsemen's  Group  chief executive about the levy, tariffs, media rights, the RCA and how his organization can work alongside the BHA.

"The Horsemen's Group has been around for far longer than you might think - since 2005 - but has pushed itself to the foreground .....

Racing Post Friday July 20th 2012
"BHA stands by pledge to clamp down on any further boycotts

"BITTAR rejects criticism from Horsemen but hints at return to more structured  values.

"Paul Bittar yesterday hit back at criticism of the BHA's stance over the Worcester boycott and reiterated the regulator's warning that it would not tolerate a repeat of the action that forced  a walkover at the course on Wednesday of last week.

"The BHA's chief executive was responding to comments  from Alan Morcombe, his counterpart at the Horsemen's Group, in an interview in yesterday's Racing Post, in which he said that it was "unbelievable" that the BHA might consider further sanctions against trainers involved, and that racing's governing body should instead try to persuade courses to provide prize-money that reached the HG's tariff levels.

In yesterday's (Thu 19.07.2012) Racing Post Bill Barber "talks to Horsemen's Group chief executive about the levy, tariffs, media rights, the RCA and how his organisation can work alongside the BHA."

J Margaret Clarke Turfcall Comment
Its long past time for a radical change  

The whole structure of British horseracing is at fault. Constructed by the bloodhorse illiterate to suit only the bloodhorse illiterate, decades out of date..

The upstairs downstairs  pantomime of British society has no place to be governing British horseracing in 2012.

True top bloodhorse literate  professional horsemen should not have to put up with being bullied, punished and mocked by the ignorance and greed of the bloodhorse illiterate regulators, racecourses, and political government personnel.

The present  Prize -Money issue is cheap bribary and corruption of the  very worst kind.

A True British Bloodhorse Literate Workeforce  needs true sound  wage structures embracing a true career path vital to get this sport  reflected in  its true perspective.  Most  definitely not beholden to what may be, or may not be bribery and corruption  connected to prize money. The future of British horseracing and all horseracing around the world  needs safe guidance, to be saved from the dreadful harm  of the bloodhorse illiterate.

British horseracing cannot be allowed to go on being hobbled together by the bloodhorse illiterate regulators. True foundation career structures need putting in place properly by people who do know what they are doing. With a true sound wage structure and upholding true sound bloodhorse literate working practices.

YES, YES, YES   Richard Hughes,  Charlie Mann, Jonjo O'Neill, Nicky Henderson, David Pipe, Philip Hobbs, Alan King, Donald McCain, Garry Moore and all, are absolutely right to take the steps they have taken, and may well continue to take until this dreadful pradicament is sorted properly, whatever it takes, they are right to be concerned, they are the only ones who can put this right, because they are all true professional Bloodhorse Literate achievers in their own right, both in the saddle and out of the saddle, both in theory and in practice.

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