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J Margaret Clarke Turfcall FactFile

As British voters are being galloped blind by government into the next General Election, what about the present government? “What Form” has this present government achieved over the last 5 years, or not as the case maybe? Is anyone allowed to know? Where is this present government’s accountability chart? Where is this present government’s honour in regard to the voters ? Or don’t they matter now anymore?

Once a party gets voted in, government take the view that, that’s it,  as far as the voters are concerned? Government can get on and do just as they like over the next 5 year without the need for any sort of true accountability to voters? Like passing laws to ensure three quarters of the people are trapped into governments “Minimum Wage Zone” scam.  Plus government’s Sale of The Tote which did not belong to government, therefore was not government’s to sell.
What is crystal clear, is nothing works, nothing joins-up, the daily needs of the people don’t matter, all perfectly acceptable to government, what do they care, they don’t. Lock any parents who do care about their children up in prison. As happened recently. Who can ever trust the National Health Service again? No one. Ashya King was removed by his parents from a British hospital, to get a decent chance to save Ashya life abroad. So what have the British government done to make sure they don’t make the same mistake again? Nothing, nothing at all, the Kings are frightened to return to Britain due to this fact.
No way will the Kings be bringing Ashya back to Britain. In fear of having Ashya taken away from them again, with the possibility of getting locked up in a British jail. Nothing has been done in Britain to change NHS  law. The government do not own anyone else's children, as neither do the National Health Service.

Andrew Marr signs of this morning with Dr John singing “Sometimes I feel like a motherless child.”. Has Dr John got a song: “Sometimes government feels like a motherless child? ”

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Andrew Neil has Janan Ganesh, Helen Lewis and Nicholas Watt with him today.
Getting to know you:
Janan Ganesh is political columnist for the FT. He was previously political correspondent for The Economist for five years, and a researcher at the Policy Exchange think tank for two.
He appears regularly on TV and radio, including a weekly slot on BBC1's Sunday Politics. He is also the author of a biography of George Osborne, the UK chancellor.
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Helen Lewis is deputy editor of the New Statesman. She tweets @helenlewis

“Leader: David Cameron has no answers to the global crisis he describes


While highlighting dangers abroad, Cameron ignores those at home, including the long decline in living standards, the lack of investment and an overheated London property market.”



Nicholas Watt


Nicholas Watt is the Guardian's chief politicalcorrespondent


23 Nov 2014: Home secretary gives clearest sign yet that Cameron’s pledge to reduce net immigration by general election will not be achieved 08 comments


J Margaret Clarke Turfcall FactFile
Have we even got any single political party good enough to get this country and more importantly all life within, out of this total mess? The same sort of mess that British horseracing has found itself in  ongoing over the last 6 decades, and still to this very day. Which brings to light, posing the question: How have the British political, legal, financial, health, racecourse and horseracing government managed to get everything so wrong, and get away with failed government leadership as this for so long? The concern now, is how many other areas of industry beside horseracing have government smashed -up as well?
On Friday November 21 the Racing Post published a feature page 15:
Peter Thomas Forthright views every Friday.
Peter Thomas talks to Paul Hanagan one of the five jockey's injured, caught up in this
5 horse tragedy at Wolverhampton on November 6 .
“Culture of risk-taking having ugly consequences. "
Taking a closer look at a race run at Wolverhampton (Flat) (AW)
Five-horse pile-up at Wolverhampton
Thursday 6 November 2014
Jockeys Paul Hanagan, Freddie Tylicki and Richard Kingscote all suffered injury after a nasty spill involving five horses at Wolverhampton.

The incident occurred rounding the home turn in the 20 Risk-Free Bet At Unibet Claiming Stakes, with the David Nicholls-trained Fitz Flyer coming down in the hands of apprentice Jordan Nason.

He brought down the Hanagan-ridden Ortac Rock, Tylicki's mount Pandar and Cape Of Hope under Kingscote.

Powerful Pierre jinked on the inside of the track and unseated another apprentice rider, Toby Atkinson.

Nason and Atkinson escaped unscathed and although the other three riders are heading to hospital, they all appeared to have suffered relatively minor injuries.

Wolverhampton's clerk of the course Fergus Cameron said: "Paul Hanagan has suffered a possible collarbone injury, but he was completely conscious and is calling in at the hospital on the way home.

"Freddie Tylicki has suffered a possible broken nose, but other than that he's unscathed. He's also heading home.

"Richard Kingscote has suffered possible arm and rib injuries and he has been referred to New Cross Hospital in Wolverhampton. He's been taken by ambulance.


"The other riders are unscathed."

Four of the horses returned none the worse, but Fitz Flyer suffered fatal injuries.


PAUL HANAGAN has this to say “Richard Kingscote is living, breathing proof of the good fortune that smiled upon the sport. Still nursing horrific injuries sustained in a five-horse-pile-up at Wolverhampton this month, he may not look like a lucky man, but he knows his fate could have been far worse – to a terminal degree.
“He survived, by the skin if his teeth, but now, with the aftermath seemingly holding little or no prospect of action to prevent a repeat of the carnage, it seems there’s a ground swell of feeling in the weighing room that something needs to be done.
“When we were on the deck after the accident, I looked over at Richard and I did really fear the worst,” says the two-time champion jockey (Paul Hanagan) (Flat Turf Global Group 1 jockey)  “I spoke to him a few days after and he said he had felt it was only a matter of time before there was a bad accident on the track, and I think a lot of lads are thinking the same way. “ If you have a strong enough stomach, take a look back at the video of the Wolverhampton race and you’ll see a free- running Fitz Flyer take the ground of Haley Turner and Desert Strike on the rail before clipping heels with the weakening Best Trip in front of him and causing mayhem in behind, It’s plain that 5lb claimer Jordan Nason was the victim of a wayward mount, rather than a careless perpetrator of chaos – but he is also not prepared to dismiss the incident as “One of those things” .  A wayward mount in a race is a racehorse in training that is suffering abuse at home every day from the person riding him out.   "Learner Student Handler-Riders", should not be "Licensed to Ride in Public" .  "Learner Student Trainers" should not be Licensed to train in public either.  The present political. legal, racecourse and horseracing government should not be allowed to run any kind of " Bloodhorse Illiterate Licensing or Disciplinary Department" . Something they have been guilty of doing over the last 6 decades. The reason why British horseracing has become as highly dangerous as it is today.

JMC: These male governments are playing dangerous games with other peoples lives to include the lives of the horses. The British Male Legal Justice system are doing exactly the same. Especially where "Litigants In Persons"  are involved especially "Female Litigants In Person" with scant knowledge of the law, scam lawyers taking every possible advantage points that money can buy under the sun, as some of these lawyers ply their dishonest trade. Getting away with playing games in court and out of court with other peoples lives within court procedures and in every which way to muddle and confuse the legally illiterate. There is absolutely no way at present for these solicitor and barrister teams to get caught out,  named and shamed and removed from practice.

The difference between "Horseracing Skulduggery" and "Legal Skulduggery". In horseracing you get killed or crippled for life. In Legal Skulduggery you get stitched up right left and centre by evil lawyers, corrupt courts, corrupt judges, gagging orders and financial ruin. At present we have a Male British Legal Justice System out of the dark ages.

British horseracing governments haven't been listening or noticing any of the many seriously dangerous  warning incidents littered throughout and over the last 6 decades. within horseracing government. Governments are stuck in a deep rut of their own making. A bloodhorse illiterate rut, which contaminates and destroys everything. Blighting the every day needs of the people and the racehorses placed in training every day. On the front page of today's Racing Post David Jennings headline reads "Guilty Fenton banned for three years." Fenton is not guilty of anything at all, other than nursing the racehorses he trains who come back from the racetracks crippled up and in pain. Providing medication. Governments don't allow medication for racehorses. Government rules don't bother to allow a "Truly Run Medication Zone" Government only allows what they term to be a "Doping Zone" . So any racehorse who suffers serious injury whilst competing  belongs in government "Doping Zone" . Which is the only "Health Zone " that exists at present. Which allows government to be able to libel and slander any and all licensed trainers as in the Fenton case reported today. 

Pope Francis praised the EU's work to improve human rights

Pope Francis has warned that the world sees Europe as "somewhat elderly and haggard" during a speech to the European Parliament in Strasbourg.

The Pope said the continent felt "less and less a protagonist", in a world that regarded it with mistrust.

He also called for a "united response" to the help the boatloads of migrants arriving in Europe.

Pope Francis's whistle-stop visit to Strasbourg disgruntled some, who accused him of neglecting Europe.

Many of Strasbourg's Catholics were upset that the Pope would not meet them or visit the city's cathedral.

The four-hour visit - the shortest made by any Pope abroad - was his second European trip since his election last year. He travelled to Albania in September.

'Vast cemetery'

Addressing the Parliament on Tuesday, the Pope called for action following the deaths of thousands of migrants who have drowned while trying to cross the Mediterranean.

"We cannot allow the Mediterranean to become a vast cemetery," he said. 

Trust and confidence go hand in hand
BBC 2:  Wednesday  November 26: 9.00pm to 10.00pm

Great Continental Railway Journeys

4/6 Series 3 La Coruna to Lisbon Michael Portillo boards the train in Spain as he continues his adventure across Europe. He begins in the Galician city of La Coruna, where he attempts to master the bagpipes, but is upstaged by a six-year-old. He follows the pilgrims’ trail to Santiago de Compostela’s magnificent cathedral, before venturing across the border to Porto in Portugal. Here he jumps aboard the spectacular Linha do Douro railway to Coimbra, before winding up his journey in Lisbon.


To male government the value of life is so cheap. When factually life is so fragile, applicable to both the two and four legged variety...

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Presented by Andrew Neil.
Guest: Nigel Farage .
Nigel Farage Ukip - Video Results 
"This is not the end of this story, this is only the beginning" .
"You ain't seen nothing yet. "
Yes, yes, yes ...

Guest: Comedy writer John O'Farrell is Labour's man in Eastleigh

“Known for his quips, the 50-year-old is serious about his chances in Chris Huhne's former seat

LAST UPDATED AT 10:54 ON Wed 13 Feb 2013

LABOUR have chosen comedy writer John O'Farrell as their candidate for this month's Eastleigh by-election, a poll triggered by the resignation of disgraced Liberal Democrat MP Chris Huhne.

O'Farrell is best-known for his "quippish appearances" on the BBC television comedy quiz Have I Got News for You, says The Independent. But he has also written scripts for the satirical puppet show Spitting Image and authored a number of bestselling books including Things Can Only Get Better: Eighteen Miserable Years in the Life of a Labour Supporter.”
Read more:

Guest: Jo Coburn
On UKIP policy MP @DouglasCarswell 'hopes' EU citizens living & working here legally will have automatic right to stay if UK leaves EU
31 Photos and videos

Guest: John Redwood MP

The announcement by the Smith Commission that Scotland should in future decide her own Income Tax is an important moment in the evolution of the United Kingdom.

The new West Lothian or Wokingham question must be who imposes Income tax on the English?

Instead of the Scottish referendum settling our united country for another generation, the generous offer of the Conservatives and Lib Dems of full Income tax powers, and the offer of substantial Income Tax powers by Labour means we are moving to new kind of looser federation. Time will tell whether this latest settlement is then stable as some of us hope, or whether it will embolden Scottish voters to ask for more once this round of devolution has been digested.

What should be clear to all politicians is the grant of these major powers to Scotland will require the grant of powers to England too. (I  leave out Wales and Northern Ireland for simplicity, but the same principles should apply to them. Devolved issues to them will be settled in their parts of the UK. Anything not devolved to them will still be settled by the Union Parliament with all MPs voting on it who do not come from a part of the country where that matter is devolved. Some votes will be English, some will be English,Welsh and Irish, and some will be UK wide) 

BBC 1 11.35pm Live with Andrew Neil and friends

Australian batsman Phillip Hughes looses his life.
Sportsman Dies in Action.
Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott has this to say:

“Our thoughts and prayers go out to family and friends. We should be conscious of the risks these sportsmen make to give us pleasure, as they do, tragically taken from us far too soon.”

Scottish Devolution: Highlights from the Smith Commission Report

By Lianna Brinded | IB Times – 2 hours 12 minutes ago

“The highly anticipated report from Lord Smith over Scottish devolution has revealed that the country will have greater powers over taxation and benefits in the future.
All the mainstream political parties promised that Westminster would grant Scotland enhanced devolution if Scots voted against independence during September's historic referendum.
On 18 September 55% of Scots voted against independence while 45% wanted to break the union.
A day later, the UK government appointed the panel, led by Lord Smith, to analyse what extra powers Scotland could be given over taxation and social issues, without creating an imbalanced schism within the union.
Lord Smith's report confirmed that the package of powers agreed through the Smith Commission process "would not cause detriment to the UK as a whole nor to any of its constituent parts or cause neither the UK Government nor the Scottish Government to gain or lose financially simply as a consequence of devolving a specific power." 



J Margaret Clarke
Turfcall Factfile

   A week of British political concerns
and how the fall out will effect horseracing around the world.  

False British government theory that makes-up a “Minimum Wage” from hell
False British government theory that makes-up a “Benefit System” from hell.

Has false male British government theory come back to kick out the people who set it up?

An adventure journey into the “European Union” what will we find?
Presented by Andrew Neil who is helping us to find out


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