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Countdown to the Dubai World Cup
Saturday March 29th 2014 
Saturday March 29th
Japan just how good are their horses?


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ROA Calls for action on withdrawal  abuse
THE Racecourse Owners Association has warned that abandoning the self-certification system.  could put an unwelcome financial burden on its members and instead called for the BHA to take action against individual trainers who are abusing the option, writes Scott Burton.
The British political and horseracing government to include all the racecourses are abusing all those who belong and work within the Equus Zone to include the horses.  And have been getting away with doing so over the last 6 decades .  A scandal of massive significance.

All those who belong in the Equus Zone who work with the racehorses in training every day come first not last. They are not there to be abused by the bloodhorse illiterate. As neither are they there to be subjected  to bloodhorse illiterate fraud.

“The method of raceday withdrawals without recourse to a veterinary inspection has come under scrutiny in recent weeks following a spate of non- runners on the all-weather and attendant problems with rule 4 deductions.

“But ROA chief executive Richard Wayman said punishing the many to catch the few was not a sensible way
forward. He said: “One of the main reasons self-certification was introduced was to reduce the not-insignificant  cost of arranging a visit by a vet to issue a veterinary certificate for a horse with a relatively minor ailment that meant it shouldn’t be racing.

“With the number of owners and horses in steady decline, it’s simply good sense to seek to avoid unnecessary expense wherever we can. Critics of the system point to abuses surrounding horses drawn unfavourably at certain tracks

“Echoing the comments of National Trainers Federation president Rupert Arnold in yesterday’s Racing Post, Wayman admitted some people were abusing the system.

“Of course, the downside of such an initiative is that some may try to take advantage by using self-certification for reasons it was never intended, “ said Wayman.

“It isn’t difficult to monitor each trainer’s rate of non-runners and our view is that, rather than altering the current approach and penalising  the majority who play by the rules, we would support the BHA taking stronger measures against anybody found to be abusing the system.

“Those who play by the rules? “ There are no true Equus Rules to British horseracing, just as there are no true Equus Rules to Global horseracing.

The British political and horseracing government to include the racecourses are
 fraudulent impostors  
British and Global horseracing is being run to suit only the bloodhorse illiterate.
People who call their racehorses “ it “  need to be stopped from owning racehorses. 
Jon Lees brings news:  “Scudamore hails Zara’s Dude role.

“MONBEG DUDE’S trainer Michael Scudamore yesterday praised the role of Zara Philips as the former world three-day-event champion prepared to put the finishing touches on the leading Crabbie’s Grand National hope.


“On Monday last season’s Welsh National winner finishes a weekly program of schooling sessions supervised by Philllips as the clock ticks down on Saturday week’s big race, which her husband  Mike Tindall says will be more nerve-racking than playing in a Rugby international.


“MONBED DUDE will pay his final visit to Gatcombe Park in four-days’ time for more of the jumping tuition that Tindall and Scudamore believe has been a significant factor in transforming the nine-year-old into a live challenger for the £1 million race,  for which he is on offer at around 20-1.


“The sessions began after the Chepstow triumph in January last year and the first evidence it was paying off emerged when Monbeg Dude beat Theatre Guide to land a Grade 3 handicap chase at Cheltenham in December. He finished fifth in the Grimthorpe  at Doncaster on his only subsequent run.


“Tindall, a Rugby World Cup winner with England and now a player- coach at Gloucester, shares Monbeg Dude with team mate James Simpson –Daniel  and Nicky Robinson, who plays for Bristol.


“Tindall said: He’s been coming down to do pole work to sharpen him up since the Welsh National.


“Zara said it looked like he was not quite respecting his fences and he was a bit lazy. The progress he has made has been marked. He was there on Monday and was flying in the indoor arena.


“He comes to Gatcombe, does 35 minutes’ schooling in the arena and then goes up the hill. He will have a session on Monday. The idea will be just to give him a sharpener. “


“Scudamore, who rides Monbeg Dude in all his work, said: “Zara’s input has been huge. A lot of things have come together The horse has more experience and is a bit older and stronger. It’s about teaching him to be a bit more respectful of his obstacles and more aware of where his feet are. From what he’s done this season, the evidence is there.


“For National Hunt you are looking at accuracy and speed, where eventers look at it in a bit more detail . Zara’s been good in not teaching him to be an eventers.


“With her knowledge of racing, of riding and having her own point-to-pointers, it’s been a massive element. Monbeg Dude had realised he could take a chance at one and get away with it and we have been trying to get that out of his mind. “


“Scudamore, 30, hopes to become the first member of his family to win the National since grandfather Michael rode OXO to victory in 1959. His father, former champion Peter, never won the race in the saddle but was assistant to Nigel Twiston Davies when he triumphed with Earth Summit and Bindaree.  In another link to the race, his partner Tess Champion is a relative of winning jockey Bob.
 (Aldaniti partner Bob Champion won Grand National 1981)

“A Scudamore has ridden or had some involvement  in the Grand National  for a fair few years, “ he said “But 1959 is a long time ago and hopefully one of us can change that. There’s definitely  a hunger to win it.


“It’s probably one of the strongest Nationals there’s been.  Monbeg Dude is a Welsh National winner and his form with Theatre Guide , and he goes on the ground. He ticks a lot of boxes. “


“Paul Carberry, who won the National in 1999, will retain the ride at Aintree, which Tindall will visit for the first time, dashing north after training for an Amlin Cup quarter-fiinal against Wasps.


“Tom Scudamore, who won on Mombeg Dude at Cheltenham , is likely to be claimed by David Pipe.


“Paul schooled him in Lambourn over the Aintree fences during Cheltenham, “ said Tindall. Carbs rode the horse when others didn’t want to ride him. Loyalty is a big thing.


“Watching the race will probably be worse than an international. Scu and James both get nervous and Nicky is a panicker as well. I’m normally quite laid- back but Grand National weekend is going to be a sweatathon.  We have got to the point where we expect to finish in the top three. He got a bit separated and had too much to do at Doncaster


“But as a prep run we had to be happy with that. He came in bouncing and on his toes. Looking at how his coat has changed and how he worked on Monday, you know he’s in good form. We just have to get him round. “


Monbeg Dude Grand National specials:  Betfred: 4-6 complete course, 9-2 finish placed,  5 start favourite, 25-1 win.


JMC:  (Oxo’ partner Michael Scudamore  won the Aintree Grand National in 1959 was ridden in all his prep homework for the 1959 Grand National by Desmond Cullen a lightweight ace Flat Turf  rider- jockey with Willie Stephenson Royston. Willie Stevenson trained the winner of the Grand National and the Derby in his training career  In this race Grand National 2014 his grandson namesake  Michael Scudamore trainer and rider of Monbeg Dude, Michael partners Monbeg Dude out every day, in all his preparation work at home . “

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