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(Racing Post Friday November 18th 2011)


"RIGHT, the next levy scheme deal has been done, the whip furore is on simmer and the 2012 fixture list out. What now?

"While the jump season takes over from where the last glitter Flat term left off, there are a number of items of unfinished business on the administrative side.

"Of primary importance is the need to sort out British racing's structure for the foreseeable future.
"Since Nic Coward quit the BHA to return to what seemed for him the more comfortable world of football at the back end of March, the topic has generated as much noise as a Trappist monk's latest single and as little light as a condemned man's cell.

 HW "Only the framework of a tripartite arrangement that Coward left behind has been exposed publically. The BHA will be responsible for regulation and integrity and eliments of quality control.

NOTED over the last five decades the powers that be (JC) (BHB) and now the British Horseracing Authority (BHA) have all been weighted heavily against bloodhorse literacy by the bloodhorse illiterate. The grim shadows within these corridor's of power, their draconian attitude has spelled out loud and clear bloodhorse literacy is not to be recognised within British horseracing. Any and all who show signs of having achieved bloodhorse literacy to be severely punished.  

HW "The Racecourses Group will pick up commercial matters, including negotiation of the levy or its replacement.

JMC Racecourse Group need to start to pick up the pieces over their bloodhorse illiterate neglect. But will they deal with the safety issues on raceday's? Where within this racecourse group are there any top proven horsemen to handle things on raceday's? To ensure that the horses, their minders and their riders are safe, and have facilities in tune with their needs whilst on a racecourse?   

HW "The Horsemen's Group will look after horsemen's matters. If the devil is in the detail, a bag full of invisible horned creatures must be putting flesh on these bare bones.

JMC NOTED as stated there are eight people named on the Horseman's Group Board six of these are Bloodhorse Illiterate. There is only KEVIN DARLEY  of these eight who have achieved Bloodhorse Literacy at the highest level (Group 1) (World Wide)

Kevin Darley "Bloodhorse Literate"
Rating (Group 1) (Worldwide)
Representing the Professional Jockeys Association

Paul Dixon - Chairman "Bloodhorse Illiterate"

Bob Scott Non-Executive Director 'Bloodhorse Illiterate'

Rupert Arnold " Bloodhorse Literate"  Rating?
Representing the National Trainers Federation

Louise Kemble  "Bloodhorse Illiterate"
Representing the Breeders Association

Jim Cornelius "Bloodhorse Illiterate"
Representing the Association of Stable Staff

Michael Harris "Bloodhorse Illiterate"
Representing the Racehorse Owners Association

Alan Morcombe - Chief Executive " Bloodhorse Illiterate" 
J M C The imbalance here is obvious seven against one. Seven bloodhorse illiterate to one bloodhorse literate. How can this present Group said to be acting for the supposed Horsemen's Group ever carry out any work needed in this regard at all, if all bar one are bloodhorse illiterate?

What is the intended relationship between BHA regulation, licensing and disciplinary to the Horsemen's Group? Bloodhorse Literate? or Bloodhorse Illiterate? At present the BHA is being run by mainly bloodhorse illiterate people, as is the same within the Horsemen Group.
HW "Racecourse Association chief executive Stephen Atkin has been manfully juggling this ball, I'm told, while keeping two other spherical objects - the levy and the fixture list-in the air.

JMC  Stephen Atkin is another holding a key position for racecourses whilst being  bloodhorse illiterate himself. No minding as to key issues relating to racehorse safety issues and the general public. So scant chance of any understanding relating to their key ingredient the horses, their minders and their riders needs on raceday's here ......

HW "I'm reliably informed that elements of the HG have also been engaged in some head- scratching, while putting rather more effort into prize-money and tariffs.

JMC Head-scratching? Hardly surprising, how can seven bloodhorse illiterate men tackle any bloodhorse literate issues at all?

HW "It's time for racecourses and horsemen to apply some extra elbow grease and start polishing up their ideas, both individually and collectively, since constitutions have to be agreed for both parties.

JMC  Surely The Horseman's Group needs to be able to interact fully with the BHA regulation, licensing and disciplinary, and the racecourses on all bloodhorse literate issues. Of course this is impossible at present due to the fact that the Horseman's Group all bar Kevin Darley are bloodhorse illiterate.

HW "The RCA has the makings of an appropriate structure, but given  fair clout in a commercial environment to members who have previously acted within a trade association will not be easy.

HW "The HG has no such equivalent; its structure is probably written on one sheet of paper, with little provision for representation over such matters as electing officers. In theory the horsemen start with virtually a blank canvas, but who can command overall respect to persuade the collective to paint a proper picture?

JMC  The Horseman's Group make up as it stand at present can never function in any way over bloodhorse literate horsemanship issues. Who has been responsible for gathering together such an unsuitable number of bloodhorse illiterate people?

HW  "In theory the horsemen start with virtually a blank canvas, but who can command overall respect to persuade the collective to paint a proper picture?

JMC  KEVIN DARLEY needs to choose his own team of eight or more to properly secure a sound and an accurate bloodhorse literate horseman's group. For the direct purpose to enable, to interact fully between any and all other authorities, BHA RCA .....on all British horsemenship issues.

HW "Yet this is only half the story. The big test will emerge when the racecourses and the horsemen come to set down the relationship by which they will co-exist for the good of racing in general.

JMC  The Horsemen's Group need to be a Horseman's Group, a Bloodhorse Literate Horsemen's Group, of Group 1 status.

HW "Trusting is not a word that immediately comes to mind when seeking to describe relations so far, although evidence of a better spirit has been noted, as the horsemen steer away from the 'bully in the playground' style of the early days.

JMC  It can be seen in all walks of life when people or animals are abused and misunderstood the effect a downward spiral can kick in as a result.

HW "But trust will be needed if a sensible and successful negotiating balance is to be achieved between the partners."

JMC ( Group 1) Bloodhorse literacy has to be allowed to play its true part.


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