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Minding the True Equus Zone:

Paul Bittar does not belong in the True Equus Zone.

But Kevin Darley and John Reid do.

We need to look at whip rules again Darley | Horse Racing ...

Yes Kevin, and so, so, so much more as well.
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KEVIN DARLEY, chief executive of the Professional Jockeys' Association, on Sunday expressed his concerns over the amended whip rules introduced on Friday ...

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Kevin Darley, Kevin Darley, Jockey, Champion Jockey, Jockeys & horses, Jockeys & photos, ... strong and rythmical in a finish without thrashing a horse home.

www.johnreidracing.co.uk   CachedJohn Reid MBE is a horseracing legend and has been revered by racehorse owners, ... Are interested in horse racing and seeking objective, straightforward advice;


Published Racing Post Friday August 1, Page 4
J Margaret Clarke Turfcall Factfile
“Jon Lees on the return of controversial St Leger winner Encke”

“A TRACK that has enjoyed past associations with the Chichester Festival Theatre hosts the return of one of racing’s equine ‘villains’ , even if Encke earned his first nomination for a pantomime role. “

Leslie Evershed - Martin (1903 - 1991) the founder of Chichester Festival Theatre was an optician, he knew nothing at all about British horseracing. As neither could he ride or handle racehorses in training. He was bloodhorse illiterate. It could be said that the very last thing on Evershed-Martin’s mind when he was planning to build his Theatre, was horseracing. He would have been fully aware of this Glorious Goodwood meeting. A meeting that catered for big crowds of people once a year, he would no doubt have been able to learn something from that side of things. He was not a horseman. And undoubtedly never presumed to be one. 
What may well have been on Evershed-Martin’s mind in planning his theatre project, was his realisation that British people in general never got a holiday, never got a day off much either. Government in those days like it remains to this very day, using severe and horrific dark age tactics to ensure the British people whilst  in this world were here to work not to play or have any holiday time off whatsoever. He would have understood about the horror of the workhouse. And the extreme horror of the first and second world wars and the way people were treated in general over these periods of time by governments.  Evershed-Martin’s wanting to give the people who lived and worked in the Chichester area the chance to have at least one day off, to spend it at his proposed Theatre.
Chichester Festival Theatre - Wikipedia, the free encyclopediasacore:green.gifen.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chichester_Festival_Theatre   CachedChichester Festival Theatre, located in Chichester, Sussex, England, was designed by Philip Powell and Hidalgo Moya, and opened by its founder Leslie Evershed-Martin ...

The history of the workhouse by Peter Higginbothamsacore:green.gifwww.workhouses.org.uk   CachedThe Workhouse often evokes the grim Victorian world of Oliver Twist, but its story is a fascinating mix of social history, politics, economics and architecture.

To pick up on Jon Lees feature RP Friday August 1 page 4

ENCKE’S St Leger Win in 2012:
 Encke’s dangerous interference burdened upon Camelot ignored by bloodhorse illiterate British government scammers. Has not run since, that is until last Friday at Glorious Goodwood in the 1.55 Coutts Stakes partnered by William Buick where he finished 2nd to Pether’s Moon beaten one and a quarter lengths at 6-1. Encke’s performance after 685-days off the track for one reason and the other must surely be pleasing to the Godolphin team.


“Encke’s involvement in trainer Mahmood Al Zarooni’s doping regime was even more unpalatable. Was it? Or has Mahmood Al Zarooni been warned off unjustly by the evil bloodhorse illiterate British government who do not know the difference between medication and dope? As there is such a huge difference between the two one can only surmise that they acted and are acting every day in ignorance and should be removed from governing this sport with immediate effect before they do any further damage.

“Al Zarooni’s unmasking the following spring as a trainer who serially used banned anabolic steroids scandalised racing and tarnished the Godolphin brand, and in the blanket sampling that followed Encke tested positive for stanozolol .  Would Al Zarooni treat 22 injured racehorses in his care with the medication Anabolic Steroid if he knew that British government classed such medication as a dope. No of course he would not.  Al Zarooni knew it was used as an effective medication in Dubai so why should he think for one minute there would be a problem here. The only problem here is there is no True Equus Zone.

“Encke was tested following his St Leger victory and after he ran at York on his previous start, which both returned negative results, but his later failure made him the highest profile of 22 Al Zarooni horses found to have been doped.

“While Al Zarooni was warned off for eight years, Encke was banned for six months. But he has not run for 685 days, well over the 14-month banishment period that from January will be handed out to horses for the same offence under the BHA’s zero tolerance approach. The BHA are not fit to govern British horseracing their bloodhorse illiteracy is what is causing all the trouble. That is there problem no one else’s. If they all believe themselves to be so superior to everyone else, that is there problem as well.

“Encke is being reintroduced at a track where he ran Noble Mission to a nose in the Gordon Stakes two years ago by his new trainer Charlie Appleby, who has made a commendable fist of rebuilding the reputational damage wrought by his former boss. No one can rebuild anything on this scale whilst these impostors are at the helm.

“It was during last year’s Glorious Goodwood meeting that Appleby registered his first Group success, and with once-raced Rapprochement, 11-length winner of his only start, also running on the card this may be a day from which the trainer does not emerge empty-handed.

Jon's  pantomime bit comes next

“A TRACK that has enjoyed past associations with the Chichester Festival Theatre hosts the return of one of racing’s equine ‘villains’ , even if Encke earned his first nomination for a pantomime role.

We know that John McCririck spoke about what he imagined his role to be working for 29 years as a  CH4  Punters' Champion Guide’ at racecourses around the country. As he said that was what he was required to do, to play, to act the fool, as in acting in a pantomime.  Is that what was officially required of McCririck in his roll as CH4 Punters' Champion Guide’? Are the racehorses in training considered to be as villains in a pantomime act by bloodhorse illiterate government? Just one big government joke as in pantomime act? Considered to be some sort of rich man’s folly? Lets hope not.

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