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Saturday Doncaster's Feature Race for two-year-olds. Live on CH4.
25 Oct 14 DONCASTER Racing Post Trophy (Group 1) (Entire Colts & Fillies) Cl1 1m

Naga Munchetty and Charlie Stayt
6.00am to 9.15am
Carol brings us the weather, and
reminds us that the clocks go back one hour tomorrow evening
 Charlie asks Carol  “How do you find a man in an apron? “ Yes, yes,  yes!


9.15am to 10.00am

Last day today.for this series.

New Pop Up Shop Series

Meet up with Angela, Gloria, and Julia 

When the girls come on, confidence comes flooding back.

Investigating floods issue still ongoing problems remain for so many people who’s homes were ruined and still are ruined.

 Checking out what Customer Service is available from Britain's biggest business,  Banks and Lawyers..

 "Every Day Lawyers" where are they?

Long past time for radicle legal reform and clarity..

Ancient dark age system that helps no one, bar the lawyers who fill their pockets and the prisons big time.

Fraudulent Court Procedure's victimise claimants and litigants in persons...
Litigant's in Person especially female (ratio 1) can expect to be treated by male lawyers 1-5 on  (ratio 5) contempt. Five male lawyers who take every legal advantage point that money can buy under the sun to burdened upon their female victim both in court and out of court. 
If true horsemen behaved like this taking advantage of "Student- Learner- Handler-Riders" this same way, such dishonest action would be likely to kill such students and possibly the horses as well within the highly dangerous sport of horseracing.

 Lawyers who cash in big time. Functioning years in arrears if at all, ongoing over decades  using horrendous ancient supposedly legal working practices. Britain has allowed a fraudulent ancient British legal justice system to exist in theory and in practice over the last six decades.. 

Your adventure into the world of Global Horseracing a
warm welcome to Nicholas Godfrey (GB) (Racing Post)

Check out what  PRICEWISE Tom Segal has worked out for this race in your Racing Post today. pages 6-7. A great photograph of Team (Andrew) Balding’s Side Glance partnered with Leanne Masterson in the saddle, completing prep. A mighty beautiful horse. Leanne a great little rider. Jamie Spencer in the saddle for this race tomorrow. 


7:40 MOOSportingbet Cox Plate (Group 1) (3yo+) (Turf) 1m2f44y

Tony O’Hehir reports:
J Margaret Clarke Turfcall Factfile
"Fenton loses top horses after steroids guilty verdict. “Gigginstown Stud take three away”
“PHILIP FENTON’S reputation lay in tatters last night after the trainer was found guilty of eight counts of possessing unlicensed animal remedies, including a “potent” anabolic steroid? "
The plight of Philip Fenton, and the suffering he has been put through, along with so many others like him to include the horses over the last 6 decades is unacceptable and unjust , due to the following facts: How do these Bloodhorse Illiterate governments believe that the horsemen they license in  British and Global Horseracing, the Trainers and the Jockeys paid to train and partner a racehorse, in public, in a race on a racecourse,  whilst using governments Bloodhorse Illiterate False Rules? False Rules that do not include the actual racehorse himself.
eg: Like holding the yearly Wimbledon Tennis Tournament with no net on any of the courts set out to use. What would all the global tennis players say if they arrived to play and found no nets. But far worse in horseracing because the racehorse is a live human being.
True British and True Global Bloodhorse Literate Horseracing Law - Rules? Where are these True Laws - Rules?
Due to these key facts no one can be honestly judged to have broken any rule at all within either British or Global Horseracing because these Rules have never been properly collated by either true horsemen or governments.

No supposed horseracing government anywhere in the world has the right to waffle along  (Lip Service) pretending to other people that they have a rule in place, when they have nothing of the sort.  As has  been the case over the medication of injured racehorses in training.  Bar grossly inaccurate government assumptions. Government taking for granted,  not bothering to take into account how one might succeed in getting a thoroughbred-race- fit - horse--from- A-to- B, leave alone to jump any of those huge chase fences and ditches.  Governments who take for granted and pocket the cash earned by other people who belong in “The True Racing Right Equus Zone’ . True rules in every sport need to be properly in place first for the players to follow in all true sport, and for the audience to understand,. to be updated when necessary, otherwise it is not a true sport.. The sport of British and Global Horseracing have no "True Bloodhorse Literate Horseracing Rules" in place ongoing over the last 6 decades. It is the True Bloodhorse Literate Horsemen who have made this sport what it is today, by carrying on no matter what cruelty and suffering they have been subjected to, to include the horses.  As Peter Scudamore pointed out recently, in reference to the popularity of the yearly Cheltenham Festival Jumps Turf. and Aintree's Grand National Jumps Turf. Meetings. "We owe these two fabulous race meetings, and much, much more besides to the truly great horsemen of the past, without whom we would not have what we have today."  Absolutely. Yes, yes, yes.


To prevent these dreadful unjust punishments being dished out.

There needs to be properly in place a true “Racing Right Equus Medication Zone” Run by top British and Global Equine Racehorse Veterinaries.

The very nature of horseracing highlights that medication is a key and vital part in training racehorses anywhere in the world today.  Racehorses who come home from racetracks battered, bruised, lame, in pain, or far worse, or don’t come home at all .  Especially the scandal that Britain does not have any “ True Bloodhorse Literate Interference Rules”, as neither do they have any “True Bloodhorse Literate Whip Rules” . It is vital that trainers have a First Aid Kit stocked up properly with effective medication ready to use at all times in emergencies to administer quick relief from pain and suffering.


Graham Green brings news:
“Hughes defends apprentice Browning after ban. “

“LAMBOURN trainer Jo Hughes is standing by Joshua Browning after her inexperienced apprentice told stewards at Kempton on Tuesday night he was too tired to do his mount justice in the last race.

“The 19-year-old’s admission, with shades of Liverpool midfielder Raheem Sterling citing fatigue for his absence from England’s starting line-up in the recent Euro 2016 qualifier in Estonia, came after he finished on 20-1  shot Picks Pinta in the second division of the 6f handicap.

“Browning was given a ten-day ban for failing to take all reasonable and permissible measures to obtain the best possible placing, although the stable’s representative said he had ridden to instructions  in giving Picks Pinta a hands and heals ride.

“Browning, who was issued with a licence in July had ridden in only three races prior to the meeting , told stewards  “he became very tired in the final half-furlong and was unable to push the horse out as vigorously as he would have liked” .

Hughes said: “With the benefit of hindsight it was possibly a bit much to give Joshua two rides in one night at this stage of his career and he admitted to me later he mistook the winning line as well, but when jockeys are starting out it’s not physical fitness, it’s mental fitness, and he had done absolutely nothing wrong until the last three strides of the race.

“He’s been landed with a ten-day ban, which is very unfortunate for him. The one I was a bit unsure about was the two-year-old Marilyn Mon , but he gave her a lovely ride in finishing second. I thought the handicapper would be a great ride and that’s the only one he messed up on. “

“Hughes added:  “I’ll look for apprentice races for Joshua , but I don’t want to penalise him for a silly mistake . He’s a very nice, hard working lad, and I’m sure he’s going to make a good rider. “




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