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Saturday October 18, 2014. Qipco British Champions Day at Royal Ascot
Week Monday October 13  to Sunday October 19.

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Naga Munchetty and Charlie Stayt
 Carol Kirkwood takes a much closer look for us, at the weather.

Your adventure into the world of Global Horseracing
Welcome to Nicholas Godfrey (GB) (Racing Post)

Nicholas Godfrey
Racing Post Tuesday October 14 2014 page 7 

"No sign of unanimity breaking out in US Lasix wars."

“TOP US trainer Bill Mott has been much in the news, not least because he will have shed a tear last week at the passing of duel world champion Cigar, his greatest horse."

J Margaret Clarke Turfcall FactFile

The world of horseracing need to unite to kick out bloodhorse illiterate government evil mal-practice for once and for all time. To be replaced by the True Bloodhorse Literate Rules Of Global Horseracing. There is urgent need for a  “Racing Right Equus Zone” to be run along these lines:

Suggested "Racing Right Equus Zone Priority" .

Government do not define effective medication,  that is the job of veterinary practice.

QUEEN ELIZABETH 11 (GB)  BOB BAFFERT (USA)  SIR MICHAEL STOUTE (GB) NICKY HENDERSON (GB) MONTY ROBERTS (USA) RICHARD HANNON. GARY WITHERFORD  (GB) PETER SCUDAMORE (GB) LUCINDA RUSSELL (GB) JONJO O’NEILL (GB)  are absolutely right in using the best possible veterinary medication when any of their horses get injured, as is everyone else who truly cares about each and every animal in their care. The gap between the bloodhorse literate and the cruel bloodhorse illiterate government mal-practice over all this side of things is what is the route cause of all the confusion and unnecessary suffering being caused around the world of horseracing by government . British farmers have and are being burdened the same, subjected to cruel government mal-practice left ongoing over the last hundred years.  A global matter of grave concern.

NO RACEHORSE should be left to suffer dreadful pain when breaking a leg, or get crippled up in any other way. The quicker they are put out of such agony is vital. Half a ton of racehorse when breaking a leg, is not the same as the two legged variety breaking a leg. A global matter of grave concern.

Priority One : In a Truly Run Racing Right Equus Zone The racehorses and all the people who work with them every day come FIRST not LAST. No one has the right to take their pleasure at an animal’s expense.  Something that the British and the American government have got the wrong way around for far, far too long.  A global matter of grave concern.

Priority Two: True Racing Right Equus Zone Rules are absolutely vital in every and all horseracing countries. All athletes need back up medical support throughout their careers, both the four legged variety and the two legged variety. A global matter of grave concern.

Priority Three: A True Racing Right Equus Medication Zone. This Zone must never get muddled up with a Dope Zone, as is the present failed working practice of government. American trainer Bob Baffert is absolutely right in standing up for his horses rights to effective medication when needs be. A global matter of grave concern

Priority Four: A True Professional Group 1 Racing Right Equus Handler-Rider to including a Top Payment Zone. A global matter of grave concern
 Priority Five: A True Professional  Group 2. Racing Right Equus Handler-Rider to include a Top Payment Zone:A global matter of grave concern
Priority Six: A True Professional Group 3 Racing Right Equus Handler-Riders to include a Payment Zone .A global matter of grave concern.
Priority Seven: A True Professional Group 4 Racing Right Equus Handler-Rider -Learner-Student Zone to include a Payment Zone.  A global matter of grave concern.

Priority Eight: A True Racing Right Equus Professional Student - Learner-Rider – Zone. Trainers need top handler rider’s not government superstore shelf stackers to be trapped in the evil government poverty zone.(Superstore shelf stackers ‘Danger Factor Rating’ estimated 100%).

Priority Nine: Evil Government do not have the right to miss-lead other people to attempt to kid others that they are veterinaries themselves.

We now have a great opportunity to put right, the things that are going wrong, and we need to take it while we have such great horsemen still around.

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