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Your Racing Post Review
Have you noticed in your Racing Post that there have been some truly great photographs over the last two months or so,  looks like the horses are flying as they clear the big racecourse chase fences. Did you notice on Saturday Sprinter Sacre's  jumping?  Some of the fences he jumped, sprang,  like a big panther cat, and others he jumped very low, a bit too low. It depends on the take off the horse gets as to how high and accurately he can pitch his jump, and of course how the ground condition is on the take off side of each fence. Sprinter Sacre raced really well throughout getting visibly tired towards the end to finish 2nd to Dodging Bullets.. Team (Nicky) Henderson will be thrilled and relieved how he performed. Did you notice what a huge horse Sprinter Sacre is? What an amazing stride in action he has? In one glance you can just see what a fabulous racehorse he is and why he is compared to Arkle. He has a fabulous temperament, he knows he is the real deal. Veterinary Marr will have been carefully monitoring him over months, she will be carefully monitoring him now after this race. Yes, yes, yes an exciting performance. Well done to all who work with him every day. Sprinter Sacre will always be special so will Team (Nicky) Henderson.
Did you notice in your Racing Post GREAT NEW-LOOK Sunday Supplement yesterday the feature on the life and times of Sir Mark Prescott?
A dark horse to follow in 2015? Certainly not! 
"You'll be wanting to know what I had for breakfast next ...
A weekly grilling for people in racing. Today trainer
Sir Mark Prescott, 66.
"In my opinion there are far too many good young trainers about these days. "
"What is your earliest racing memory? I was taken by my stepfather to Newton Abbot races with the lady who taught me to ride (Mrs Selley). We stood at the last fence and I was too small to see over it. Tim Brookshaw fell last time round, bringing down two others. In the melee, he was underneath all three horses, and was to my young eyes, obviously dead. But he slow rose to his feet, chucked his stick to the ground , grunted an audible "f******hell" and then trudged back to the stands.."What a man!" I thought, and never wanted to do anything else. "
I like this bit too, "What's the worst thing anyone has said to you? I hit the front too soon on one trained by my governor , Frank Cundell, at Taunton. As I dismounted in the second spot, I tried to explain the circumstances and said: "The leaders were coming back and I thought ..."  "You thought! " you've never had a thought in your f******life! When you can think, I'll give you a diploma and you can hang it at the end of your bed and it will say: "I Sir Mark f*******Prescott, am capable of thought. 'Until then you can assume you've never had a thought in your life - now clear off!" Yes, yes, yes.. (problem with my computer)
Wednesday January 21
Sir Mark Prescott
"How hopeful are you that your desire to see the disqualification of horses who's riders break the whip rules will be implemented?
"One day it will have to come and I hope it comes before we have more fruitless bans,  fines and inquiries after big races that only play into the abolitionists' hands. It is simplicity itself and will result in: no bans, no fines, no suspensions, each jockey knowing what he can and can't do; the best horse winning.
The present British Rules of Horseracing 2011 - 2015. 
The 'Bloodhorse Illiterate Whip Rules" where finally entered into the present British Horseracing Rules in October 2011 by Paul Bittar  for the British government. After a lengthy government review into such 'British Whip Rules Abuse'' estimated to have taken over a year at considerable government expense. Carried out by Jamie Steir, Veterinary Tim Morris and Paul Bittar Chief Executive transfer from  bloodhorse illiterate Nick Coward. And now again placed in the hands of Nick Rust just the same all over again. All these five men acting for government were and are 'Bloodhorse Illiterate in Practice' all five men acting for government. Since October 2011 these abusive bloodhorse illiterate rules have been enforced in Britain. Licensed jockeys have been forced to ride within them, or not as the case maybe. Resulting in excessive unjust punishment dished out by government to jockey's unjustly and illegally, ongoing over the last 4 years 3 months.  Tracing back over the last 6 decades causing shocking abuse through cruel 'bloodhorse illiterate confusion.'
CHRISTOPHE SOUMILLON expression in the photograph with this feature tells it all, the abuse that is burdened upon Soumillon, stark, unreal.  Sumillon  punished, libelled and slandered worldwide unjustly by the British bloodhorse illiterate stewards an evil British punishment of £50,000 fifty thousand pound, dished out to a true horseman who has achieved true bloodhorse literacy in his own right, Soumillon burdened unjustly by British Government Dark Age Cruel Abuse beyond all belief. Soumillon said: "I'm embarrassed for English racing." he responded with outrage. " Soumillon a top professional Flat Turf Group 1 global horsemen of the highest calibre. Jockey's should not be licensed by government in any country worldwide, termed to be jockeys for the purpose to be made a laughing stock, to be mocked and ridiculed by the general bloodhorse illiterate public worldwide in error. This is what the British political and horseracing government are doing, making a mockery of all licensed British jockeys every day, No government has the right to do this through their bloodhorse illiteracy it is unsporting, unfair, an evil government practice.
 Now left in the government's hands through Nick Rust, just the same all over again. Nick Rust is bloodhorse illiterate himself he has absolutely no rights whatsoever to regulate or uphold or alter the Rules of British Horseracing as they stand at present, or as they stood in October 2011. As the British Horseracing Rules stand at present every jockey going over the allocated number of whip strokes is not breaking any rules, because a False British Government Whip Rule is placed illegally by Paul Bittar into the British Rules of Horseracing. An unfair illegal rule, that has no business to be in the British Rules of Horseracing, something that Christophe Soumillon was decent enough to attempt to point out himself. Soumillon's £50,000 fine was eventually returned to Soumillon . Clearly the  French Whip Rules are different from Britain's, what a blessing that is. No wonder Soumillon felt so embarrassed, Every horseracing country worldwide needs to have the same Whip Rules, to ensure the rights and needs of all jockeys and all racehorses are upheld on every racecourse throughout the world.

Soumillon outraged over Champion ban and fine

CHRISTOPHE SOUMILLON on Saturday said he was "embarrassed for English racing" as he responded with outrage to falling foul of the new whip rules with his winning ride on Cirrus Des Aigles in the Group 1 Champion Stakes at Ascot.

Christophe Soumillon likely to add drama to Ascot's Champions Day.

Soumillon's words:
 "I'm embarrassed for English racing." as he responded with outrage. "

 This quote from Soumillon puts "The CH4 Horseracing Whip Debate" presented by CH4 Graham Cunningham into true perspective fast. " No messing. It further proves, or should do, that whilst Sir Mark Prescott's response and suggestion is one thing.  The fact remains, should all those who have achieved true bloodhorse literacy in their own right,  be subjected to such government abuse, libel and slander ever again?  The true fact remains that the sport of horseracing worldwide  can never be governed by bloodhorse illiterate people. Bloodhorse illiterate people are causing global horseracing to be 100 per cent more dangerous than it should ever be allowed to be. As Nicky Henderson puts it "Racehorses in training are accidents waiting to happen,  if left in a bloodhorse illiterate peoples hands.
As in all true SPORT rules apply, to be kept by the players not broken. To be understood by the players eg: Football, which entertaining huge crowds of spectators. The  True Rules of Football  however are not made up by the spectators. They belong and always have belonged  to the 'Sport of Football' worldwide. In horseracing, the horse replaces the football. The racehorse is 50 percent of the partnership, if the rider and the racehorse part company in a race they are disqualified.


1970 - 1972
Clive Brittain and his friend Sir Mark Prescott
 sketch in a sorry picture of Newmarket in the early 1970's
as detailed herewith in Clive's book The Smiling Pioneer with Robin Oakley

CHAPTER FOUR: 1970 - 1972 
Enter Marcos Lemos 
"They were dreadful bullies - horrible horrible people. People look back now through rose-tinted glasses and say what great horsemen they were? Well were they? Sir Mark Prescott on Newmarket in 1972. "
"Newmarket was very different in 1972. It was for many at the lower end of racing a grim and often brutal place. Sir Mark Prescott, a man with a true feelfor his local community, remembers it clearly at Heath House:  'Newmarket was a very, very different place then.  I started officially in 1970. At that time there were 35 trainers in Newmarket and 850 horses  Now there are 81 trainers and 2,500 horses.(2012)  Pages 51 - 61.  

"Everywhere was run-down. The owners could no longer afford to keep up the big studs as they had done and until the Arabs came on the scene and re did them they were pretty tired. I was unbelievably lucky to be given the chance to train here but it was all falling down. 

Whether it was the war, whether that had something psychologically to do with it of whether it was  entirely financial I don't know but it had a run-down feel about it.  Newmarket was tired. 

"The lads' accommodation was appalling. They were paid a pittance. Single lads serving a seven year apprenticed  then. There were some great horsemen but there was an underclass of those men who were absolutely no good and they were allowed to get away with murder. It took a crisis to change that culture, the stable lads' strike of of 1975.   

"The strike was very cathartic. In retrospect it was a ghastly, ghastly time. But it was very goodbecause the owners realised they'd got to pay a proper rate for having horses trained.  

 "One of the problems was the lack of graduated  wage structure in British racing.  In many yards a man with 20 years' experience was getting no more than a 16-year-old starter, so the job tended to attract gamblers and drifters.  

"That was the Newmarket in which Clive set out as a trainer. But perhaps in those circumstances  there was some advantage in being a trainer who had spent 23 years as a lad in someone else's yard.   

JMC Comment: Long outdated British political and horseracing government imposters at large. Rip off  all true  horsemen, using bloodhorse illiterate tactics bringing British horseracing to its knees, left ongoing over 6 decades to get worse and worse.  Government Power Abuse: Abusing trainers, and their teams, their owners, and horses every which way in an evil government wooden horse perspective.

Clive had a major task to bring Pegasus House and Stables back to life before  it was ready to house horses in training at work. 

BHA  do not  take the horses into consideration at all, whilst pretending  to regulate British horseracing .  The methods government use  to run this sport are all aimed to support hefty financial government gain.  No matter at whose expense, in secret. Secret laws popped in to cover the tracks of evil  politicians and lawyers.

 These governments show this to be the case both in Britain and in India (Richard Hughes) and (Martin Dwyer) both caught up unjustly when riding, competing in India. Made out to be crook's, when they are nothing of the sort. Both proven top global Group 1 horsemen. Treated,  punished like criminals. Noted  never any government public apologies for the libel and slander tactics governments use.

These government parties focus on  horses, cattle,  sheep and chicken all reared and slaughterhouse bound. End of story. What sufferance  inflicted upon them whilst they are alive, matters not one jot to any of them. A financial  means to launder huge amounts of other people's money at the animal's expense.
And we are fool enough to allow this long outdated evil political practice to continue on.
British governments are using monies they have stolen and are stealing from the British Equus Zone of horseracing every day, left on going over 6 decades.

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On theOn the Racing Road: The Ultimate Journey to the Racecourses of the World.

Author: Nicholas Godfrey.
JMC: On the Peace Road (Global) The Ultimate Journey to find and keep World Peace
On the War Road (Global) The Ultimate Journey to prevent and stop World and all other Wars.  

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On the Racing Road: The Ultimate Journey to the Racecourses of the World
Author: Nicholas Godfrey 

JMC: On the Peace Road (Global) The Ultimate Journey to find and keep World Peace
On the War Road (Global) The Ultimate Journey to prevent and stop World and other Wars.
To attempt to find the true balance between War and Peace.
Aim: To prevent War and to promote Peace.

"Special focus Bill Barber brings news, as new British horseracing government (BHA) chief Nick Rust gets to work."
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