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The clues are here, but can you spot them?


Racing Right Global Equus Zone (GB)
Your adventure into the world of Global Horseracing
a warm welcome to Nicholas Godfrey (GB) (Racing Post)
Where are the true global bloodhorse literate rules of  
JMC: OUR QUEEN ELIZABETH II'S friend, true American horseman Monty Roberts what would he have to say about the present British bloodhorse illiterate whip rule placed within the rules of British horseracing since October 2011, by Paul Bittar that 8 hits of  a whip was the limit allowed in British jump racing. 

 Bloodhorse Illiterate Paul Bittar chief executive for British horseracing has allowed whip abuse to be the order of the day in Britain since October 2011, handing over to Nick Rust this week. Paul Bittar, Nic Coward before him, and Nick Rust now to follow on,  none of these 3 men have any rights whatsoever to be allowed to meddle into the British Rules of Horseracing.  None of them can ride, all 3 are totally out of their depth, and have no right whatsoever to be asked or expected to regulate this sport. It has now become apparent that they are and have been employed to serve only the punters.

 No racehorse needs hitting 8 times in the closing stages of any race.  Once or twice a flick of a whip if the horse has lost concentration maybe. You don't communicate with a racehorse by hitting that racehorse all the time. 8 strikes with a whip in any race is harsh whip abuse, the whip should never be used in the closing stages of any race when a racehorse is getting tired, as Sprinter Sacre partner Garry Geraghty showed us yesterday at Ascot. Clare Balding in her book "My Animals and Other Family"   made the point that she rode close on 20 winners, in her  scant race riding career and never needed to hit any of those racehorses she partnered. Clive Brittain points out in his book " The Smiling Pioneer" that he never allows any of his team to carry a whip when partnering  two year olds at exercise, in training. Two year olds, the same as children have so much to learn in quite a short span of time. Two year olds need top professional riders every day in the saddle at home if they are ever to set foot on a racecourse and compete in a race.

However successive bloodhorse illiterate government  pressure shows that British horseracing is to be run on the cheap, that British licensed trainers are to employ superstore shelf stackers to come in part time to handle and ride out racehorses placed in training by owners, all to be paid the minimum wage. This is like first division football teams being told by government to employ superstore shelf stackers to come in part time to make up their football teams, to be paid the minimum wage. Please note that a football, is very different from a living breathing thoroughbred racehorse in training. As Nicky Henderson puts it "Racehorses in training are accidents waiting to happen. " when placed in the wrong hands.
British Government Racecourse and Horseracing System 75 Years in The Wilderness
Tracing reasons behind stark shocking British political and legal government abuse.
Whip abuse traces right back to the beginning of evil government horseracing abuse. An unsound, cruel, and evil system. British farmers and their animals have been treated the same way by successive governments ongoing over the last 100 years, and long before that. Horrific British government run slaughter houses unbearably evil. 


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The Andrew Marr Show
The journalist is joined by guests including Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg
Government Terror Laws not fit for purpose. 

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Peter Henley 
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J Margaret Clarke
Turfcall Factfile

BBC1 Breakfast
Jules Wyman Life Coach

The Lost Gardens of Heligan
A Creative Adventure
The Lost Gardens of Heligan, 75 years in The Wilderness.
All the gardeners’ were marched off to fight in World War 1, never to return. 
British Government Political and Legal Justice System 75 Years in The Wilderness

British Government Racecourse and Horseracing System 75 Years in The Wilderness 
1940 - 2015 
 (75 years)
Crimean War
1853 - 1856
World War 1
World War 2
Us global girls don't want our global boys going to war ever again.
Stop killing, traumatising and  trashing the lives of all our beautiful little children
left suffering worldwide, that families have built and achieved together.
Lets set out now today Sacred Sunday January 18 2015 to build our global path of peace together. To try at least to address the cruel unbalanced state, as things stand at present.

Suggestion to all world government leaders to make a start by adding "The Global Path to Peace Objective Agenda" to that of  their " Global  Path to War Objective Agenda". To allow the female of the species at long last to show the true meaning of how to nurture and protect, instead of killing and trashing a world ravaged and war-torn.  Tax payers hard earned cash being squandered by government. Not being used where it is most desperately and urgently needed.
Where is governments financial transparency? When are governments to allow us to make up our own minds in assessing their form to date?  To be able to make up our own minds on their actual form for ourselves. and vote accordingly?  
A bit late in the day for Mr Cameron to realise there is a chronic housing shortage, like 50 years too late.
Guest this morning:
Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice The Rt Hon Chris Grayling MP
How can anyone have any confidence in Mr Chris Grayling MP Justice Secretary.  A typical government  "Cardboard Cut Out Man".  Totally out of touch with any and all true reality. Throwing Tax payers  money away to fund a British legal justice system from hell, 550 years out of date.
'Tipping Point'
Is it any wonder that prisons are full to bursting point, and totally inadequate for any living being to exist in.

 One things for sure,  far too many British people from the top table only know how to inflict  punishment zones from hell. 



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