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Looking to see how Ralph Topping (William Hill) (Bookmaker's Zone) believes 
a balance can be struck between the EQUUS ZONE, the BOOKMAKERS ZONE  and the  PUNTERS ZONE? Although it is noted that Topping does not include his BOOKMAKER'S ZONE  only choosing to looking at this between two parties The Equus Zone and the Punters Zone.




SPRINTER SACRE sets Sandown Park alight with a flawless display
in the Tingle Creek Chase.

Full reports, plus Alastair Down big-race verdict.
JMC: The Ch4 cameras yesterday closed in on SPRINTER SACRE in his saddling box at Sandown Park, whilst the finishing touches were completed.
Those pictures captured SPRINTER SACRE standing there so quietly, so happily,  looking a million dollars, his trust in all the people around him came shining through within the stance of his persona that all is well within the life and times of SPRINTER SACRE  a mighty bloodhorse literate compliment  to all those highly skilled horsemen working together within TEAM HENDERSON who care for him each and every day, no matter what.

"This WEST END ROCKER show will run and run ...

Another of David's Saturday 'tales of the unexpected'. With a pic of one very angry looking Alan King, (trainer of West End Rocker) looks like Alan is considering  giving a certain someone a punch on the nose ....


" NO KNICKERS and no stockings, either. She's that sort of woman  Some weeks she throws them out of the top flat window and some weeks she doesn't This week she didn't. It was too cold to open the window.  I suppose. Maybe there'll be two lots next week.


"In the meantime, there's WEST END ROCKER to consider for today's Betfred Becher Chase. WEST END ROCKER and I go back quite along way, to a day at Newbury (December 15, 2010) when, after a year off, Alan King's promising staying chaser jumped as a potential Grand National winner should - bold yet clever - to win the Coolmation Chase over three and a quarter miles. Jolly excited, I dashed towards the winner's enclosure in order to beg King to go for the National.


"It's important to give trainers the benefit of your advice because they often forget to ask for it, and if you don't tell them what they should be doing, how are they to know?


"King wasn't fulsome in his gratitude for my advice but,  be fair, it was a busy moment, otherwise I'm sure he would have been and have urged me to make sure I gave him my opinion whenever I felt it was required.
 JMC: Sounds like David has lost quite a lot of money backing WEST END ROCKER over a considerable period of time. Although David doesn't actually say so in so many words here.(What Ch4's Jim McGrath, Jimbo terms to be "A bookies delight ...." ) 

"Most trainers, I think you'll find, need a lot of advice, as do most jockey's and owners. It's a duty, really, to avail them of it.

 The photograph of Alan King used here, portrays an angry man, a man maybe even considering packing a punch. A man at the end of his tether? With David? Or with WEST END ROCKER? Or with both? Looks like the very last thing in the world he wants is David's advice ....


"Anyway, King obviously took heed because he not only entered WEST END ROCKER for the 2011 Grand National but ran him in it, too.


"My confidence in WEST END ROCKER, grossly overpriced at 33.1, was undiminished  until the sixth fence, better known as Becher's, where he was brought down.


"At that point my confidence plummeted . He would, of course have won easily and, although I felt sure he would win in 2012 instead, it was a long time to wait. Maybe they should have two Grand Nationals each year, one for the horses who didn't get round the first time.


"Subsequently winning the 2011 Becher Chase by more than 20 lengths augured well, although the reaction of the handicapper augured less well, as did the less-testing going on National day, 2012. Nevertheless, victory was assured, at 16-1, until, uncharacteristically, WEST END ROCKER, fell at the second fence. Once again, he would have won easily.


"For several days I sat clutching my mobile phone and lying next to it in bed, waited for the inevitable call from King. Unfortunately for him he must have rung the wrong number, so was at a complete loss as to what to do next. Unsurprisingly, things have since gone slightly awry with WEST END ROCKER, who is now a ten-year-old. If only King had asked my advice. If he goes on like this, WEST END ROCKER will soon be an 11 year-old.


"YOU may have heard the expression, if the mountain won't come to Muhammad, Muhammed must go to the mountain. Put another way, since King hasn't approached me for advice, I suppose I'll have to take the initiative myself.


"The first thing to do, obviously, is to back WEST END ROCKER for the Grand National at 40-1 before he wins today's Becher Chase. Winning shouldn't be too difficult, especially if the ground's soft and Robert Thornton doesn't make a complete balls-up of it. My instructions, when King asks for them, will be clear and simple: "don't get brought down, don't fall, do win, but not by too far."


"It's important not to upset the handicapper. If you do, you are likely to upset
the applecart as well " (applecarts have a long history of being upset. They are easily offended)


"Once the Becher has been won  (By about 2.30pm), we can move on to the post-Becher, pre- National phase' WEST END ROCKER is entered for the Coral Welsh National but that race is an awful long way and liable to be jolly tiring and it may be best to give it a miss. The main thing to do what is known as ' freshen him up' for Aintree. This will involve putting WEST END ROCKER on light duties, walking him through areas of outstanding natural beauty, making sure he washes properly and uses a deodorant , and giving him just one run, two at the most, before the big day.


"When that arrives (April 6) WEST END ROCKER should ideally be either on the small side  (about the size of RED RUM or SEAGRAM) or on the large side (about the size of PARTY POLITICS or LORD GYLLENE)


"He should be springy on his feet, without being overly bouncy; eager and alert, yet not over excited and wild- eyed. It's difficult to get it just right but,  luckily for connections, I'm ready and waiting to offer more advice in order to ensure victory."
WOW, David your "tale here of the unexpected " leaves one speechless.'

On a lighter note

 Wondering if David is going to do his "Grab a Grand for Christmas 2012?"



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